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Grace G-707

Quad Master Stereo Tonearm

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Grace G-707


Developed especially for 4-channel records, the G-707 is an ultra light weight semi-integrated pick-up arm.

It embodies the quality of the Grace integrated Sigma 709 arm coupled with the versatility of the Grace G840 arm.

When used with a 4-channel stereo cartridge, or a high compliance cartridge, the G707 gives the superb reproduction available only from an integrated pick-up arm.

The use of a 6mm diameter light alloy pipe specially hard finished for good appearance, eliminates unwanted resonances.

In order not to distort the mid frequencies, because of dead mass, the arm is provided with a non-interchangeable acrylic head shell.

This is an integral part of the entire arm, however, changing cartridges can still be easily changed.

A high precision double gimbal pivot refined over 10 years of manufacturing experience is used on the G-707.

The gimbals now use aircraft instrument micro pivot bearings to reduce friction resistance to less than 20 milligrams.

The balancing of the arm is done by sliding and turning the weights in steps of 0.1g.

Also, by use of the slide feature, cartridges varying in total weight between 4.5 and 12.5g can be perfectly adjusted.

An arm director, which was formerly supplied as an optional accessory, has been incorporated, resulting in a smooth positive lowering motion.

A bias adjuster is also incorporated, and used both the rotating lever and weighted string principle to achieve perfect tracing of the record grooves.


Overall length: 313mm

Effective length: 237mm

Arc of movement: approx 80 degrees

Stylus overhang: 15mm

Bearing friction: less than 20mg

Stylus pressure adjustments: 0.1g

Suitable cartridge weight: 4.5 to 12g


The Grace G 707 had a tight, extended and powerful bass register, with accurate placement, while stereo was detailed with good depth and precision - £144 HiFi Choice 1984


instruction/owners manual  English

mkII instruction/owners manual (imp scan)  English - rdmrule1

mkII instruction/owners manual  English

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The Classic Match?

I have just recieved a black 707 and I believe the classic combo was a LinnLP12, 707 and a Supex 900 all of which I have. Any tips for this classic combo? The arm obviously handles the weight of the Supex. Will set up this weekend and post listening results. Amy links or advice especially with mounting appreciated.

Install Template

Looking for the setup template for the Grace 707 mk II any help would be appreciated


Grace 707

I have just purchased a 707 mounting board for a Michell Hydraulic Reference. It came with a template, which seems to be ok for the Grace, although the pic it actually shows is for something like a Linn Basic. I can send a scan of this to you if you are still looking.

Grace 707 tone arm

I am looking for 5 pin din male connecter with stereo RCA connecter.
Does any one know where the 5 male PINS connect on RCA R or L channels?

Easy mod for Grace 707

You might want to try judicious use of blu-tack on the armtube on both sides of the pivot, close to the pivot. I've done this with a Denon DL-301 and a Goldring Eroica LX and found it to tighten up the bass considerably, and extend the airiness and image of my system. Don't go hog wild with it and experiment with placement. I found it best on the lower side of the arm.


Stereo cartridge use in a quadmaster tonearm?

This question will quickly demonstrate my naivete, but I must ask. Is there any issue using a normal stereo two channel cartridge with the G-707 quadmaster tonearm?

Re: Stereo cartridge use in a quadmaster tonearm?

Depends on what is meant by normal. The wiring is compatible with stereo carts. The arm is lightweight, so normal for this arm would likely translate to medium-to-high compliance carts. It would probably be a poor choice for use with many modern moving coil carts of medium-to-low compliance. It ought to work well with Grados, Shures and ADCs.

grace 704 tonearm manual,707 manual

these arms are going on either my thorens td 125 or 150 turntables i have aquired, would you believe it from rubbish dumps that somebody had thrown away. thanks for the manuals, greatly appreceated. many thanks

Grace 704 & 707

How interesting:seems so much can be retrieved from tips,skips,brothers-in-law,garage and boot sales for no money.Don't be a self-conscious t..t come clean.

Grace 707 on DP-2000 Denon

I just got a black version of one of these and it looks impressive. Question do you guys change out the carts in it? Mine came with a Signet Cart and a strange Signet unit that mounts back by the pivot point. Anyone have any idea what this is?

Grace 707 and Signet cart

Walkercolt: Quagh, that might be a P-4 mount cart, as many Signets are. It would would take either a P-4 mount adaptor or a custom P-4 mount headshell. If it's a standard 1/2" mount cart, it might be a moving coil cartidge (strange for Signet) and a transformer at the pivot point that acts as an additional counter weight. I looked quickly thru the cartridge database and didn't see anything quite like you describe, but I'll look again. Ricky E.
The only "likely suspects" in the tonearm database are the Signet MC 112E or the MK112E cartridges. They both weigh in at 15 grams(!!!) and they would HAVE to have and additional counterweight to work on a 707 or 707MkII (like mine)
There is extreamly little information on these carts except that the 112E is an ellipitical .3x.7 mil and the MK112E is an ellipitical .2x.7 mil and their mass. I would expect both have very extended frequency responses, but no data is listed, as you can see. Sorry I can't help you further, I can't find if the stylus is user replaceable or not. You might post on the cartridge/preamp forum about your cart, and some of the "smart guys" (and there are lots) might have owned one and have far more information than I have.-Ricky E.