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Grace G-704

Uni-Pivot Oil-Damped Glide-Balanced Tonearm

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with aluminium arm frame (G-714 is similar but has a wooden frame)

Grace G-704


The metal framed G-704 is made from specially selected materials under conditions of strict quality control.

The frame is machined from one piece of metal alloy with no bends or joints.

The arm features the employment of an advanced rolling technique that eliminates metal fatigue in the special lightweight alloy.

Changes in the structure of the metal frame of the G-704 are prevented by using milling rather than pressing to achieve the desired shape.

The lack of bends or connections contributes to it's very clear reproduction capability.

Designed with the centre of gravity in the most ideal position, and with a minimum if unnecessary tonearm movement.


Overall length: 320mm

Effective length: 237mm

Angle of rotation: 340 degrees

Overhang: 15mm

Balance system: uni-pivot oil-damped type

Range of usable weights: 4 to 13g

Output cable: low capacitance plug-in moulded type

Head plate: HP-1 type

Counterweight: dial type 0.1g steps


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instruction/owners manual  English

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mounting template (not to scale)  English

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grace 704 tonearm manual

just to say thank you for the information, it really helped. It is going on a Thorens td125-mk1