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Goldring GL70

4-Speed Idler Drive Turntable

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With continuously variable pitch control

Goldring GL70


This precision engineered transcription unit is designed for monaural and stereophonic reproduction.

It is fitted with the L70 pickup arm which has a detachable plug-in shell.

The turntable of the GL70 unit is die cast from zinc and copper alloy, and weighs 8 lbs.

It is dynamically balanced and its lapped steel centre spindle runs in a sintered bronze bush with special thrust pad to keep wow and flutter at less than 0.2%.

The unique vertical drive system is used and this method allows the turntable speed to be continuously adjusted from above 80rpm to below 30rpm and from 15 to 18 rpm.

Standard playing speeds of 78, 45, 33.3 and 16rpm are located by preset click in positions.


AC mains 200-250V 50Hz

4-pole constant velocity motor

Continuously variable speed control

Positive click in positions for 16, 33.33, 45 and 78rpm

8lb steel platter

Centre spindle of ground lapped steel in sintered bronze main bearing

Wow and flutter maximum 0.2%

Rumble and hum negligible

Less than 1% speed variation

Pickup arm L70

Built in pick-up lowering device

Automatic disengagement of idler wheel


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