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Goldmund Studietto

Direct-Drive Turntable

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Goldmund Studietto


Lower cost version of the Goldmund Studio. Optionally fitted with the T5 Tonearm.

The Goldmund Studietto is a high quality turntable possessing new technical features which are quite necessary for an accurate tracking of today's records.

For exacting technicians, musicians and all those who demand the very best in record transcription, we strongly recommend the use of our analogue servo-driven radial tonearm Goldmund T5.

Due to the exceptional quality of it's suspension, the Studietto is less critical than any other design in placement selection.


Drive method: direct drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Platter: 7 lbs metacrylate and lead

Dimensions: 470 x 435 x 180mm

Weight: 14kg


brochure  English - vinylrayk

instruction/owners manual  English

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Goldmund 24V DC 300mA Power Supply Connector Pinout?

I am troubleshooting my Goldmund Studietto and it seems that the plug-in wall power supply has just failed. Does anyone know which of the two pins is +? One pin is closer to the alignment notch in the connector than the other (small connector with screw-on shell). Also one of the wire leads between the power supply and the connector has a white stripe.

Please note this is the power supply that powers the turntable, and NOT the one for the T5 arm. Thanks!

Goldmund PS

I converted my Studietto to battery power with great results. Let me know if you want details.


Goldmund Studietto with Lurne Arm +Clearaudio Delta cartridge

Has anyone set up a Lurne arm ? I have no info on the arm as it was installed on the Studietto when I purchased it. I had a Clearaudio Delta moving coil cartridge installed too.