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Garrard Zero 100

Automatic Record Changer

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Garrard Zero 100


The Garrard Zero 100 is a superb two-speed transcription turntable with such special features as:

An ingenious tonearm virtually without tracking error (patent applied for) with damped cueing action.

A magnetic tonearm anti-skating system (patent applied for).

A motor with the advantages of both induction and synchronous motors (patent applied for).

A record speed and pitch control system with built in stroboscopic checking.

A tilting device to set the cartridge at a 15 degree tracking angle.

In addition to manual operation the Zero 100 will automatically play single 7", 10" and 12" records, or a stack of up to seven 12" records - adaptors are available to play records with large centre holes and to play a stack of 7" records.


Type: automatic record changer

Drive method: idler wheel

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: plus or minus 3%

Motor: 4-pole induction for starting with synchronous section for constant running speed

Tonearm: head pivots laterally as it tracks a record

Wow: better than 0.10% RMS

Flutter: better than 0.05% RMS

Rumble: negligible

Power supply: 110/125V or 110/120V and 220/240V depending on motor coil windings

Power supply frequency: 50 or 60Hz depending on pulley and stroboscope fitted


Garrard's Zero 100, in basic performance, easily ranks with the finest automatic turntables on the market. In our view, the results were well worth the effort - $189.50 Stereo Review 1971


info sheet (G7216)  English - steve berens

instruction/owners manual  English

reviews  English - Jandar

service manual  English - steve berens

test report  English

issue 1 service manual  English



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A faulty Zero 100 SB

I got a 100 SB recently. It looks very new and good, even the mechanism inside. However, there is a big problems I cannot get it solved. The tone arm is being 'kick' back half a mm after singing about 10 turns and it won't continue to move inward. Just repeating at that same position. I have tried on different locations on the LP and it still the same. I had adjusted the weights and everything it seems that there is a problem with the arm itself.

Will a tonearm be faulty?

Anyone has that experience before?

Many thanks for your advices in advance.

best wishes


Just about to start

My neighbour gave me his Garrard Zero 100 s last week as he was about to put it in the bin
I took it in plugged it into my system to have a listen to find it does not work!
Huge amount of hum from the unit and the table wont turn when the arm lifts ups

So I have just printed off the above dowloads and will start to look at and work on it this week

Will keep you posted as to my progress

Up and Running

When I had a look it was really simple to resolve
The Unit had not been earthed properly, once done Hum gone!
Then some of the switches and springs had come off, so again once put right we were cooking on gas
however, it was fiddley and frustrating for a good 3hrs

Now it is working I need a decent cartridge and stylus

any suggestions?

Zero 100


At last i finished serious working on my Zero 100 to get it (almost) playing like a new one...
The only thing i can't get working correctly is the automatic, everytime it's playing it does it well, only at the end of the record instead the arm is returning to his base, it started again...
I lubricated and cleaned everything, so what is doing this?
Also i found a small yellow wire at the end of the arm and on the inside. Can't find any information on it.It's similar with the cartridge-wiring, only it's cut.
I have another 100 for parts and ther is the same yellow wire...and also cut...
If someone has any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Yellow Wire.

It's the tonearm earth. It should be connectedto a boss at the end of the tonearm and also the earth(ground) plate where the RCA's are.

As for the Auto Cycling. Under the Platter is an assy on the right side near the tonearm. Make sure that moves freely. If not it'll cycle continuously. It may be frozen in place. A soldering iron held to the bushing for a couple minutes will heat up enough to free it. Then clean and lube with Sewing machine oil.


Selecting Record Speed

I am having trouble turning my speed/size selector. It feels stuck and won't turn, any thoughts on how to fix this?



It should be somewhat stiff to maintain the setting, but fairly easy to move.

Carefully take apart the selector assy, clean and lubricate. Use Sewing Machine Oil for bearings and white lithium grease for sliding connections that would be lubed.


Garrard zero 92

I just downloaded the zero 100 service manual hope it helps me. I just finally hooked the '92 up to my amp and it contributes a loud hum to one of the channels. Pretty sure it's not the amp. I spose no one has a '92 service manual.

" I'll be back!!"

zero 92

yes, I have it. send me your email address and I will email it to you. I have about all the Garrard serivce manuals.

garrard '0' 92

Sure! Thank you!
I see from a cursory glance at a service manual that my hum may be result of a open ground line,
but why just one channel? Also, those cartridge wires are the smallest, thinnest wires I hope I ever have to attempt to solder.
wish me luck!

P.S. Thank you in advance for the manual!

steve smith

12" record lowering in 7" location on platter

How do I adjust the dropping point for the arm on the record? I have the dial set to 33 rpm 12", and it is dropping too far inside this point close to the 7 or 10 inch setting.

tonearm position

i am having the same problem and can't find a answer any place. if you find the solution someplace, would you mind forwarding it to me. thanks

Selection cam.

Flip over the turntable. Look at the speed/size selector. There will be a rod on a plate just above the rotating assy. Follow the Rod to the tonearm. the rod attaches to a cam'ed plate that allows different settings. If it doesn't rotate freely, you'll get either 10" or 7" when 12" is selected. Clean the pivot and assemble. ONE DROP of sewing Machine oil on the pivot. Make sure it rotates back and forth FREELY!!! You should now be able to select 12" and get it.


Garrard Zero 100

I pulled my old turntable out of retirement and want to get it serviced in the Chicago area. Any reccomendations? It needs some TLC and I want to get it back into working condition. Thanks, Tom

Price for ZERO 100SB

What is a fair price for a ZERO 100 SB? It looks to be in VG condition, has a solid base (not plastic). I did get a slight hum when I picked up tone arm. Grounding problem? The guy is asking $125, but I felt like that was pricey....

Thanks for the manual!

Also about to try to reset the arm..



Garrard Zero 100S

I'm the (proud) owner of a Garrard Zero 100 S
(that's a real nightmare to set the arm correctly), it sounds really good and I thank the Vynil Engine...