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What every shopper should know about Automatic Turntables

Models covered include the Garrard Zero 100C, Zero 100SB, Z92, 82, 86SB, 70/70M, 62, 42M/42C and 40B turntables

A good automatic turntable is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery. A lot of engineering goes into it.

From the user's point of view, however, it's an easier device to understand and to evaluate than, say, an amplifier or a tape recorder.

For one thing, there's no electronics involved. That s quite possibly the reason why simple but complete explanations like this are rarely seen in print. The subject seems to be insufficiently challenging to the gurus and pundits of high fidelity.

As a result, misconceptions and disappointments abound. Because the turntable and arm can't be taken for
granted Like the wheels and tires of a car, they have greater influence on the performance of the total system than some of the more mysterious components. They can make or break the sound.

What follows here is an attempt to put things in the proper perspective.


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