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Single Record Player

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garrard srp10 single record player
Garrard SRP10


The Garrard Model SRP10 is available fitted either with a two pole induction motor for use on mains supply or a battery operated motor.

The mains version is available in two voltage ranges: 100 to 130 or 200 to 250 volts — 50 or 60 cycles. The frequency must be specified when ordering as the motor pulley is not removable.

A dual voltage range model is supplied to special order, 100 to 130 and 200 to 250 volts frequency details as above.

The battery version is fitted with a governed commutator motor having a permanent magnet field and is designed to run from dry batteries giving 9volts, running down to 7.2 volts; it is intended primarily for use with transistor amplifiers. A special switch is fitted to the battery model, having a spare set of contacts for use in switching a battery amplifier.

All the above models have four speeds: 16-2/3, 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm, and an automatic stop which is operated by the quick run-in groove when the pickup reaches the centre of the record.

A new type of spring suspension is fitted having plastic clip-in retainers Patents applied for). With these retainers, transit screws are not necessary for portable use.

The aluminium pickup arm is the latest design and the pickup head will accept pickup cartridges of most manufacture. Stylus pressure adjustment is provided at the rear of the pickup arm.

A spring loaded record adaptor is incorporated in the centre of the turntable for playing 7 inch 45 rpm records having a large centre hole.

The motor switches on when the pickup arm is lifted from its rest and moved inward, and switches off when the pickup is replaced on its rest.

The speed change knob is interlocked with the pickup arm switch mechanism so that the speed may only be changed when the motor is switched off. On switching off, the intermediate wheel is fully retracted.


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