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Garrard SL 55B

Synchro Lab Turntable System

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garrard sl55b turntable
Garrard SL 55B


The design goal for the SL55B has been to provide highest possible performance at lowest possible cost, resulting in an automatic turntable of startling capabilities for the investment required.

Built around the synchronous, constant speed, high-torque Synchro-Lab motor is an automatic turntable so replete with features that it could easily pass as the ideal record playing unit in music systems of very high quality.

Operation is automatic and manual, with the overarm swinging back and out of the way for convenience in loading and playing single records.

The full size turntable and low mass tonearm system will properly support and capably reproduce records of the most demanding dynamic range.

The low resonance arm is an advanced design, built of light weight tubular aluminum, with an integral fixed-position counterweight in accurate balance. An instantly removable cartridge clip accommodates pickups of the latest, high compliance design, rigidly aligned for correct tracking angle.

Stylus pressure is accurately set by a simple, effective built-in rachet adjustment with calibrated scale. Anti-skating is also fully adjustable by means of a new control similar in principle to those on much costlier record playing units.

The SL55B also offers lever-controlled viscous-damped cueing and pausing, both during manual and automatic play. Styled to enhance any music system, the SL55B combines the elegance of matte ebony finish with rich aluminium.


Speeds: 33, 45 and 78rpm



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