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Garrard RP2-1 Disk Reproducer

Twin Turntable Reproducing Desk

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Garrard RP2-1 Disk Reproducer


The disk reproducer RP2/1 is a twin turntable unit designed by the BBC designs department and built by the equipment department of the BBC.

These units were built around the Garrard transcription motor Type 301, and incorporate quick starting arrangements. They were modified so that the platters were lifted by action of an eccentric cam, raising them into contact with a machined, strobe engraved, lightweight turntable which held the record cued up with pickup resting on it.

The reproducing desk can be used to replay coarse groove pressings and disks up to 13 inches in diameter at 78rpm, or for fine groove mono at either 33 or 45rpm.

Pick-up cartridges of the turnover type are used, mounted on pickup arms RP2B/1 to which are coupled optical pickup position indicators on the turntable units RP2C/1.


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