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Automatic Record Changer

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garrard rc80 automatic record changer
Garrard RC80


The Garrard Model RC80 Automatic Record Changer will play automatically any number of records up to 10 of any one of the following types at each loading - 10" or 12" at 78 rpm, 7", 10", or 12" at 33 1 /3 rpm and 7" at 45 rpm.

It has two record spindles, one for large hole 45 rpm records and a stepped sloping spindle for all other types of records. The stepped sloping record spindle is an exclusive Garrard Patent.

The separate large diameter record spindle is used for dropping 45 rpm records as this is the correct way to drop these records and preferable to using centre hole adaptors in the records.

A Garrard patented super sensitive auto trip mechanism is built in and the changer will automatically switch off after the last record has played.

An important feature is the pick-up protection. Should the changer be switched on without a record on the record spindle, the pick-up will not leave its rest thus preventing damage to the pick-up stylus or turntable covering.

A pick-up muting switch is also built in to prevent extraneous noises from being heard while the changer mechanism is operating.

The Garrard Model RC80 Record Changer is supplied complete with all fixing screws and patented spring suspensions ready for assembling into cabinet.


Type: automatic record changer

Drive method: idler wheel

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78rpm


installation/operation/service  English - steve berens

service instructions  English - steve berens

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