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Garrard MPM2

Multi Purpose Plug-in Pick-up Case

Garrard MPM2


The Garrard type MPM2 is a multi-purpose pickup case (headshell) designed for use on model RC90, RC80M and RC111 three speed automatic record changers, also the model TA three speed single record player.

The case will, with the aid of the accessories supplied with it, enable a wide range of pickup cartridges to be fitted.

A thin Bakelite section known as a knockout, which can be easily broken away, is provided in the front of the case through which can pass the knob of turnover type cartridges.

A hole is also located in the top of the case, covered by the Garrard name plate, for the knob of the turn round stylus type of cartridge.

As this pickup case can easily be plugged in and out of the pickup arm, single stylus cartridges can be fitted having a separate case for each type of cartridge.


Accessories supplied comprise of:

2 screws (assembled) - Ref A40295

2 stand-offs - Ref A50504

2 spacers - Ref A45210

1 sub-plate - Ref A50525

2 washers - Ref A40519


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