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Garrard GT55P

Automatic Single Record Player

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garrard gt55p turntable
Garrard GT55P


The Garrard Zero Tracking arm on the new automatic GT55P eliminates distortion caused by tracking error (found on many decks because recording and playback mechanisms don't follow the same alignment) by incorporating a computer-designed articulated arm.

When introduced, High Fidelity magazine greeted it with "probably the best arm yet offered as an integral part of an automatic player", and now we've made the best even better. We've combined jewel and ball-bearings to reduce friction in the pivots. We've halved
the effective mass (reducing record wear) by die-casting the arm in a magnesium alloy.

We've ensured accurate stylus force setting by allowing fine adjustment of the counterbalance. We've used a magnetic bias compensator to neutralise unwanted side forces at the stylus tip. And we've given the unit a tracking capability of 0.75 gm, so it can take a very high quality magnetic cartridge.

The result is the automatic Garrard GT55P.


service manual  English - Ernst3510


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