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Garrard 990B

Belt-Drive Multiple Play Turntable

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Garrard 990B


The Garrard 990B is of the same basic design as the Z2000B, except for the tonearm.

It retains all other important features, giving up only a few refinements in exchange for a substantial saving.

The arm itself is the finest conventional tonearm ever designed by Garrard - it's curve is calculated to result in the lowest tracking error possible with an offset arm of reasonable length.

The arm's mass and bearing friction are both extremely low, and stylus force adjustment is precise and made without the use of springs.

Considering it's extremely reasonable price, the Garrard 990B mat well be today's top value in a changer for those who don't absolutely insist on zero tracking error.


Platter: 11.5" die cast zinc alloy, dynamically balanced

Motor: synchro lab

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Drive linkage: belt/idler wheel

Rumble: -64dB

Wow: 0.06%

Flutter: 0.04%

Tonearm: low mass, s-shaped, tubular

Balance: adjustable counterweight

Pivots: precision loaded ball bearings

Stylus force: adjustable counterweight

Anti-skating: sliding weight

VTA: 2-position lever

Cue control: viscous damped

Auto mechanism: 6 records

Weight: 18 lbs


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The unit has a two speed selector with a three size selector. It selects 12 inch, 10 inch and 7 inch discs.

Tonearm/Belt-Idler Wheel

The tonearm uses a solid built yoke for the tonearm pivot, making it a very strong bearing support for quietness. A good foundation for a Do it Yourself arm conversion or rebuild. A new arm wand may bring it up to modern specs.

The Belt is driven by an idler wheel, allowing the use of a tighter belt to pull on the idler bearing, without pressure on the motor bearing.