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Garrard 86SB

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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With integrated tonearm system

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Garrard 86SB


The module 86SB is a single record playing automatic transcription turntable complete with mounting base, dust cover and connecting leads.

It is ready for connecting into your hifi system in most cases after simply connecting a plug to the mains lead.

The heavy, belt-driven two-speed (33 1/3 and 45 rev/min) turntable is powered by the famous Garrard Synchro-Lab patented synchronous motor.

It incorporates a tubular aluminium pickup arm with an integral calibrated bias compensator.

It will accept a wide range of cartridges requiring a stylus force as low as 0.75gm.

Stylus force setting is particularly simple and accurate.

The arm is lowered by means of a viscous fluid damped cueing system whether under manual control or automatic control, and similarly raised under manual control.

Many other refinements are built into your module 86SB which will appreciated as you become familiar with it's operation.


Platter: 293mm zinc

Motor: Synchronous

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Rumble: -63dB

Wow and flutter: 0.12%

Minimum tracking force: 1.0g

Dimensions: 428 x 385 x 185mm


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I discovered that the grease gets hard and turns into a glue and seizes things up. The gear with the eccentric track sometimes seizes and does not turn. Without taking too much apart try a few drops of penetrating oil if things don't turn freely or slide. DO NOT GET OIL ON THE RUBBER. If no improper use was subjected to it then there should not be a problem other than a seized linkage. Quite often the grease was only used to make it easier on the assembly line by holding peieces together.

Trying to fix mechanism

The mechanism of my Garrard 86sb is all out of synch. Tone arm won't lift automatically or replace properly at the end of the record etc. Something in the mechanism has come disconnected or wrongly connected. It happened decades ago and I have been using the turntable manually satifactorily ever since. I would like to fix it properly but can't even figure out how it works. I don't think it is broken. Any advice?