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Garrard 770M

3-Speed Automatic Turntable

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garrard 770m turntable
Garrard 770M


The Garrard 770M is the latest version of a time-proven Garrard design.

It features a powerful synchro-lab motor and a low mass aluminium tonearm with an adjustable counterweight that permits zero balancing before the stylus force is set.

An adjustable anti-skating control and two point support for the record stack are additional quality features.

The Shure M93E magnetic cartridge is factory installed and balanced for proper tracking.

The newly designed base and dust cover eliminate the need for extra shelf space in the rear when the dust cover is raised.


Platter: 10.5" aluminium

Motor: synchro lab

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78rpm

Drive linkage: idler wheel

Rumble: -57dB

Wow: 0.08%

Flutter: 0.05%

Tonearm: fixed offset

Balance: adjustable counterweight

Pivots: ball bearings/needle points

Stylus force: spring

Anti-skating: calibrated spring

VTA: none

Cue control: viscous damped

Auto mechanism: 5 records

Weight: 14 lbs



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