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Fisher MT-6330

2-Speed Linear Motor Direct-Drive Turntable

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fisher mt-6330 turntable
Fisher MT-6330


The MT-6330 is a highly sophisticated turntable developed by Fisher to give many years of listening enjoyment.

The deck features Linear Drive, a novel engineering approach to the difficult task of rotating a turntable accurately and without undesirable drift is featured in this unit.

This drive employs 120 magnetic poles instead of the usual 4 to 24.

This achieves a completely uniform rotation and virtually eliminates wow and flutter as well as rumble.


Motor: 120 pole linear

Drive system: direct

Wow and flutter: 0.035% WRMS

Rumble: -70dB

Speed variation: +-3%

Tracking force: 2g

Platter: 314mm

Platter weight: 1.0kg

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Tonearm: S-form

Effective length: 222mm

Cartridge: MG-35V stereo magnetic

Dimensions: 440 x 380 x 138mm

Weight: 6.2kg


instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais

service manual  English - Emref

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Turntable Fisher MT 6130

please someone can help me with this fisher MT 6130 is in bad condition an i want to restore, please can help me with the service manual?

6330 turntable

hello! any luck with the service manual? I do own also a 6330 and need a service manual -the speed is no more stable...

6320 -6330

6320 -6330 are same models. Fist was intended for the North American market and, second for the European but, they are the same exelent turntables.