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EON Research POD


The POD is a device that applies pressure at three points around the label of a record.

The improvement in the sound quality results from the suppression of sympathetic vibrations.

These sympathetic vibrations are the result of ordinary sound waves striking the record surface and causing the vinyl to oscillate at certain frequencies.

These sonic vibrations are sometimes made worse with the use of a dust cover.

The stylus of your cartridge also introduces vibrations of it's own into the vinyl.

These sympathetic vibrations are the major cause of intermodulation distortion.

The POD unites the record with the platter to form a single mass which is lees susceptible to sympathetic vibrations.

The small mass of the POD will not interfere with the delicate balance of turntables which may be adversely affected by heavier construction.

Another benefit is that some warped records are made playable thus providing enjoyment of old favourites that might otherwise be scrapped.

The effect of the POD will be more noticeable the higher the quality of the stereo system.


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WOW!! I have one of these, I

WOW!! I have one of these, I bought it probably about 25 years ago! Still use it today.


You got there first! I still have mine from the late '80's and the plastic box it came in, which has various screws, nuts and things in it as well. It has been joined by at least two more clamps and a heavy puck.

Thanks for the scan JaS