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Empire 698 Arm

Gimbal Bearing Stereo Tonearm

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Empire 698 Arm


The Empire 698 tonearm was standard fitment on the 698 turntable.

The stylus force is dialled using a calibrated clock mainspring that is more accurate than many commercially available stylus pressure gauges.

The anti-skate adjustment provides a micrometer calibrated force that eliminates channel imbalance and unnecessary record wear.

The mass of the rear counterweight is decoupled by a damped bushing to minimize tonearm resonance.

The electronic cueing raises and lowers the tonearm at the slightest touch without the aid of motors or AC coils, providing silent cueing damped in both directions.

The arm is automatically lifted at the end of the record by a photocell sensor, with no mechanical linkage to interfere with the arms movement.

The newly designed headshell detaches for easy cartridge installation, yet its weight is comparable to permanent types.

Cartridge overhang is easily adjusted to assure minimum tracking angle error.


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Effective Mass

According to independent test reports the arms effective mass was measured to be 12g. I believe it can accommodate cartridges from 4-12g. The VTF is 0-4g.