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Empire 108

Moving-Magnet Stereo Cartridge

Empire 108


The design of the Empire 108 cartridge is based on the moving magnet principle.

The superiority of this type of design lies in the extremely light and flexible stylus assembly it permits, in the unusually smooth frequency response and the high electrical output of the cartridge.

The stylus, a precision polished diamond tip, is moved by ripples in the record groove.

The movement swings the stylus lever from side to side, at the same time moving a small magnet attached to the lever.

Four coils are mounted inside the cartridge, close enough to the magnet to pick up any changes in its magnetic field which occur when the magnet is moved.

The direction of movement by the stylus determines whether the resulting sound will come from channel or the other.

The amount of movement determines the loudness of the sound.

This Empire cartridge is probably the finest stereo / mono cartridge ever developed.

Features a high stylus compliance and low needle talk


Frequency response: 15 to 30,000Hz

Output voltage: 8.0mV

Channel separation: more than 25dB

Load impedance: 47kOhms

Weight: 10g

Tracking force: 1.5 to 5g

Stylus: 0.7mil radius diamond


In conclusion, it must be honestly admitted that in all measured and listening tests the 108 outperformed all other cartridges previously tested


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