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The EPU 100 pickup is a high precision instrument designed entirely in EMI laboratories and made in the EMI Hayes factory, for use with the EMI plug-in pickup head.

This new pickup is introduced to meet the demands of audio engineers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts for a precision instrument designed as a single unit.

Only when the cartridge and arm are designed in the same laboratories and made in the same factory can all the requirements for perfect reproduction be met.

The design of every part of this superlative pickup is based upon the most advanced research into all the factors controlling frequency response, distortion, and stylus and record wear.

Quality control in manufacture and individual testing on the most modern equipment ensure that every unit leaving th3e factory measures up to the exacting specification.


Overall length: 30.48cm

Height: 6.35 to 12.7cm adjustable

Width: 10.16cm

Pivot to stylus: 22.86cm

Stylus: high quality diamond

Radius of tip: 0.0005 to 0.0006"

Stylus mass: approx 1mg

Optimum playing weight: 2.5g

Frequency response: 30 to 20,000Hz


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