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Computer Controlled Belt-Drive Laser Turntable

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ELP Laser Turntable


Digital compact discs are abundant now. Unlike analogue records, CDs do not wear, are easy to handle, you get pure sound and random access is is true that compact discs have many advantages over analogue records.

However, the depth sensation and rich musical information available on analogue records are hard to expect on compact discs. Gramophone records that have been produced since Edison's phonograph are valuable properties of all mankind.

The Laser Turntable literally sheds light on these cultural properties - just like a CD player it retrieves information by beaming laser onto record grooves. There is no physical contact.

This state of the art turntable revives vinyl records for the modern time. It is the world's first and only analogue record player that does not wear records. Musical information is processed in analogue; the laser and subsequent audio circuitry are all analogue.

It is an ultimate approach to retrieve musical information stored in record grooves without losing the atmosphere and subtle nuances of original recording.

The Laser Turntable brings analogue records to life again for the new future.


System: contact free, 5 beam, optical record player

Record type: black records

Drive system: computer controlled belt drive system

Speeds: 30-50rpm (LT-1LRC), 30-50rpm / 60-90rpm (LT-1XRC, LT-2XRC)

Record size: 7/10/12" (LT-1LRC, LT-1XRC), 7/8/9/10/11/12" (LT-2XRC)

Frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz

Channel separation: >25dB

Line output: 300mV

Distortion: 0.5%

Signal to noise ratio: 55dB

Wow and flutter: 0.07% wrms

Dimensions: 470 x 480 x 170mm

Weight: 19kg


LT-1LRC instruction/owners manual  English - hactar

LT-1LRC/1XRC/2XRC brochure  English - Terry Robinson

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