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ELAC Miracord 50H

Four Speed Idler-Drive Turntable

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elac miracord 50h record changer
elac miracord 50h top view
ELAC Miracord 50H


Type: automatic record changer

Drive method: idler drive

Speeds: 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm

Platter: 300mm, 2.3kg

Wow: 0.06%

Flutter: 0.07%


instruction/owners manual  Deutsch

instruction/owners manual  English - fdrennen

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais - graph

service manual  Deutsch

service manual  English - gridleakrick

H/HII mounting instructions  English Deutsch Francais - hsun7

H/HII mounting template  English - hsun7

HII flyer  English - illf8ed

HII instruction/owners manual  Deutsch

HII service manual  English - dlucy

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Elac 50H

I have several Elac 50Hs and at least one user's manual in English, despite the fact that mine came from Germany in about 1969. Anyways, I'd be happy to scan and upload/email if anybody's interested.

What say you?


elac miracord 50h service mannual

i dont understand german so if possible to send me a copy of operating and service mannual in english in my email address. thanks

I should have paid attention while stationed in Germany

Yep, manual's in German or Dutch...can't read it!

Miracord 50H autoreturn

The autoreturn stopped working on my 50H turntable. Everything else works perfectly. Is there any adjustment I can make to the tonearm to reactivate the autoreturn function?

Miracord 50H

I have a Miracord 50H that I bought while in the service in the late 1960's. I have not used it in a while since I switched to CD's but now want to get back into vinyl which I have several boxes of classic records. I want to re-calibrate it but do not have the manual. The manual here is mostly in german. Can anyone tell me how to set it up, especially the anit-skate?




I created an account here to try and find information on the Miracord turntables.

I'm looking at a few different auctions in the States but am unsure of the voltage requirements.

Were the Elacs that were produced in the early-mid 70's made with dedicated voltage requirements for different regions or is there the slightest chance that they are capable of handling duel voltages/frequencies?

I live in Denmark where we use 220v/50Hz and strangely enough (considering that we border Germany) I haven't been able to find any vintage Elac turntables over here (yet... but my German is also non-existent). Using a step down transformer is not an option for me... been there done that (when I first moved here form the States) and it's not worth the trouble.



Never mind... I found one on Ebay in Germany that appears to be in very good condition (Miracord 50H... not exactly sure what year it is, but it is with the lighter colored wood base with wood on the sides of the dust cover). I should have it with in a week-10 days if all goes well :-).

replacement belt

I need a replacement belt for our Mirachord 50H. Does any one know the part number for the belt and where one can be purchased?



This is an idler drive

This is an idler drive turntable. It does not have a belt.

elac miracord 50HII manuals

Thanks---the diagrams for the Elac Miracord 50HII were quite helpful as the parts have an English translation. Too bad the entire manual is not translated as I can't read Danish.

My turntable from the 1970s was only delivering sound from one channel and the speakers made feedback noise when my hand got near to the cartridge. I thought I might need a new cardridge. However, when I removed the cartridge I noticed that the slotted contact piece on the inside of the tone arm was loose and when I moved it slightly, a plastic piece fell down---that important piece is broken.

I had stopped playing my records about 10 years ago when I noticed that only one channel played. CDs were in and I got new equipment. Now, I have a renewed interest in my record collection. I can either try to find someone to fix my turntable or get a new one that has the ability to transcribe the records to CDs as well as play them.

Any suggestions from people who have done the same?
Thanks, rhhprints

transcribe the records to CDs as well as play them

I am currently trying to get set up to transfer all my vinyl records to Mp3 format so that i can play them on my IPod. Once the songs r in the mp3 format it is easy to 'burn' a cd from them. I ordered a new stylus for my Benj Mir TT, as soon as i get it & verify the hum is gone, i intend to use it. DAK sells a pre amp that will connect the TT to ur PC using the PC sound card, S/W comes w it in order to clean up the music if need be.
My 2nd option & 1 that i'm further along on is by using a USB TT, w accompanying s/w it converts the records directly to mp3's. It works well if ur records r in good condition [my case]. It supposed to work w Itunes, however it could be more efficient, i.e work better. Right now it transfers everything to Itunes as Unknown Artist & temp 1,2,3.. tracks, regardless of the info u supply as part of the recording process. When u r in i tunes all the pertinernt info has to be typed again, then itunes no longer recognizes it & u have to import them all over again. Barring that annoying inconvenience the process is working well....Fred2


I have a brand new ELAC Miracord: Not for sale. However, if I can be of help, then write back and we'll see what wwe can do.


stylus adjusting screw

Is there any way you could send me details (purpose and how to) about the stylus adjusting screw on the Miracord 50H, either here or to


stylus adjusting screw on 50H

I just sold one of these. Recall there is a screw on the front end of the headshell which you turn with a screw
driver to move the cartridge in or out. Right below, is a "bump" or raised point coming up from the base which
tells you where you need to line up the stylus point.