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In 1975 Dynavector Systems was the first company to design and manufacture in volume a high output moving coil cartridge.

Then, in 1980 the revolutionary Karat range of cartridges was introduced for the first time using solid diamond and synthetic ruby cantilevers of only 2.5mm length; a design which enabled audiophiles to enjoy subtleties in the original recordings which previously they had not realised existed.

Today, Dynavector's confidence in the superiority of analogue over digital sound presents a challenge to improve moving coil cartridges still further to enable them to comfortable outperform CD.

With the introduction of flux damping it has been possible to eliminate the harshness and irritating edginess which previously has been common to all moving coil cartridges.

All the new mk2 cartridges incorporate this latest invention which will enable audiophiles to obtain even greater pleasure from their library of analogue records.

Models covered include the Dynavector Te Kaitora, 10X4 mk2, 50X mk2, 17D mk2, 23RS mk2, XX-1 and XX-1L.


1980 catalogue  English

mk2 catalogue  Deutsch

mk2 catalogue  English

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