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Dynavector DV-20X

Moving-Coil Stereo Cartridge

Dynavector DV-20X


The Dynavector DV-20X is a high/low output moving coil cartridge with Flux damper and softened magnetism


Output voltage: 2.5mV / 0.25mV

Frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz

Channel separation: 25dB

Channel balance: 1.0dB

Stylus: nude diamond, perfect elliptical

Cantilever: 6mm length hard aluminium pipe

Tracking force: 1.8 to 2.2g

Recommended load impedance: 47 Kohms / 30 ohms

Weight: 8.6g


It isn't a perfect or neutral transducer, rather it's a bouncy extrovert of a cartridge


2H/2L instruction/owners manual (alt scan)  English - shawnwes

2H/2L instructions  English - Cobra2

H/L instructions  English

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Dynavector 20x

In my system ( which is on the warm side of neutral) consisting of a Mcintosh C2300 tube pre amp, Mcintosh MC501's x 2 and Sonus Faber Elipsa speakers the Dynavector 20 x is a terrific match to my Gyrodec SE/ SME 309. I would not exactly say it is a extrovert which to me implies too much treble. While treble is very good the sound is pleasant without causing listener fatigue. Midrange of vocals, string and brass instruments are more neutral then cd's on my MCD500. I forgot just how good analog bass could sound. If you can still find one of these cartidges new (the 20x 2 has replaced it with a price increase with no step up in performance I was told by my dealer who compared both) in the $625 price range you have a audiophile jem.