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Product details for the Dual 1214, 1216, 1218, 1225, 1226, 1228, 1229, 1249, 502, 510, CS704 and CS721 Turntables.

Every Dual turntable, from the 1225 to the new CS 721 is designed with one concept: to provide more precision than you are ever likely to need.

As applied to the tonearm, this concept has been fulfilled with particular thoroughness.

The conversion of groove modulations into music - as well as the life of ones records - is significantly influenced by every aspect of tonearm design: geometry, balance, mass, resonance, bearing friction and the application of stylus pressure and anti-skating.

Serious music lovers, whose investment in records typically exceeds their investment in equipment, know this.

And some who are now Dual owners tell us they wish they had understood more about tonearms hundreds of dollars in ruined records later.

Despite all this precision and refinement, Dual turntables are rugged in design. They need not be babied, by you or your family.

Chances are your Dual turntable will outlast all your other components, so you should carefully consider which type of Dual you want.


1982 catalogue  Nederlands - oschalbroeck

2008 catalogue  Deutsch - jalal1926

2015 catalogue  Deutsch - jalal1926

2016 catalogue  Deutsch - fmineiro

2016 catalogue  English - themisto462

B-L-174 catalogue  English

LF-875 catalogue  English - speaker dave

TB-776 catalogue  English

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Dual 1218 on/off switch

hey all,

Great site. Been doing some refurb on Dual TT's and wondered if the on/off switch for the 1218 will work on the 1225. The 1225 part is 229767. Any service manual out there for the 1218 or parts list.