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Dual CS 514

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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Dual CS 514


The Dual CS 514 has a DC motor belt-drive, electronic speed switching and lightweight XM300 alloy tonearm.

The plinth is lightweight plastic and the platter pressed from alloy sheet.

The unit features automatic tonearm return and motor stop.


Motor: Dual DC 200-1 or 210-1 DC motor

Drive: belt drive

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Platter: 304mm non-magnetic

Cartridge: Dual DMS 239

Stylus: DN 239

Tracking force: 2 to 3g

Wow and flutter: 0.08%

Rumble: 68dB

Tonearm effective length: 211mm

Overhang: 19.5mm


The bass of the CS 514 was found weak, but free at least from serious boom, and while it was reasonably tidy and controlled overall, it seriously lacked depth and dynamics. Stereo focus was satisfactory - £65 HiFi Choice 1984

Dual have had to make some compromises to keep down the cost but it can't be beaten at the price - Stereo Magazine 1984


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shut off

Is it normal operation for this unit to stay on after the tonearm is start position and rotation is off. If volume is on i will eventually get feedback because stylus is still live.

shut off

Surely every turntable in the world* does this -- the cartridge remains connected to the amplifier, regardless of whether the turntable is rotating! To stop noise pickup or feedback, select another input on the amplifier.

*actually the EMT948, which has a pre-amp included, has the option to mute the audio when the turntable is not running. But this is a broadcast turntable with a price tag of about $3,000.

pre amp inquiry

I have just unearthed my Dual CS 514 but it will not play on my Yamaha stereo receiver...I was told to seek out a pre-amp. I found a Magnetic Cartridge Stereo Pre-Amp at Radio Shack but it states "This magnetic cartridge stereo pre-amp allows a turntable with a magnetic cartridge to easily connect to a ceramic phono input". Soooo will this work with my turntable? I am about to re live my youth and want to get started :)

shut off

"I brought some peanuts......"

Yes, I believe it is normal operation as mine did the same thing until I found a better position for the TT. Would be nice if it switched off the power too, but for the price there are not many better TT's than DUALS.

Hi Brett, i recently bought

Hi Brett, i recently bought this turntable off ebay, i'm pretty much a n00b as this is my first ever record player.

i'm having a slight problem with a crackle fuzz during play back and even when the LP is spinning but the stylus not in contact with it, i have the phono out cables going into a 6 track recording mixer i have but it has no where for the ground wire, could this be the reason i have all this fuzz/interference?