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Dual CS 505

2-Speed Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable (1980)

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Dual CS 505


Floor vibration and acoustic feedback are frequent external sources of interference.

Vibrations can be transmitted to the record player with each step, and sound energy from the loudspeakers can be fed back acoustically to the record player through the air or through a piece of furniture.

To minimise these unwanted effects, the Dual CS 505 uses a floating chassis.

In the Dual 505, a great deal of technical expertise has been applied to acoustically decouple the entire turntable drive unit from the remainder of the casing.

As a result, external interference is filtered out so effectively that it no longer has any audible effect on the music.

The anti-resonance mat used on the CS 505 filters and counteracts resonances which can be transmitted through the record player to the record.


Drive: Dual 16-pole SM 100-1 synchronous motor with precision flat belt for flywheel drive

Starting time: 2 to 2.5s

Platter: 304mm, 0.9kg, non-magnetic, removable

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: 6%

Wow and flutter: 0.05% WRMS

Rumble: 69dB

Tonearm: distortion free ultra low mass aluminium tubular tonearm in 4 point tip bearing


An impressive, easy to use and fuss free turntable system with a number of useful facilities - £80 HiFi Choice 1983

Slightly lacking in balls, but compensates with a consistently unmuddled presentation and good stereo focus perspectives - £170 (CS-505-4) HiFI Choice 1992


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Dual CS505-1 Arm lift assembly needed

Have a 505-1 in for repair but the spring on the arm lift has broken.
This means that the arm will not lift high enough or lower right down........need ideas about what spring to use

Dual CS 505-2 De Luxe

Wood finish plinth


I have a 505. 505-2 I think. Probably really easy, but how do you replace the stylus and where is the best place to get one.

Phono Cartridge

It would probably be best to ask this in the main forum as it depends what cartridge is fitted and where you are located.


bad buy

Hi everybody,

I think I had a bad buy, but still think I can make it work anyway. I bought an 505-4. It is the oe with the lighter platter so no badge audiophile concept. I was told it was in perfect working order. When it arrived it came without a needle (which I already ordered. An original OM10) and the cinch cabling is damaged. Replacing the cabling is easy and I might even put in something better. But I have one problem I am not sure of: it won't change from 33 to 45 properly. I took of the platter and noticed that the mechanics are working but the belt is not moving down far enough. The belt is also warped (lack of a better word) it looks like it is not flexible enough anymore. Does anybody know what to do best? Order a new belt. If so; where online?
Thanx for any help.


speed change

i also had same problem from 2nd hand dual 505-3..purchased new belt from ol-technik and it cured it

I'm not familiar with the

I'm not familiar with the 505-4... I have two 505-2's (one purchased at an estate shop last year and one recently via internet).

Observing my units, when switching speeds, the belt should be redirected completely to the fat or thin part of the spinning shaft in one swift motion. (as a side note, I think the pitch control knob turns a ribbed belt which can expand or contract the spinning shaft to adjust for pitch speed).

My estate shop table was missing the pitch belt and used a filthy cracking rubberband as a main belt. I was surprised since the unit was in excellent physical condition inside and out. The speed was way too fast and warbly. I ended up removing the decomposing rubberband and testing it with a new similar sized rubberband. I also adjusted a nut to slow down the speed. This seemed to work good enough to prove to me it was worthy of new belts. So, I purchased new belts online (I think I used although I did see multiple vendors). The table works fine nowadays and sounds nice.

Sorry to hear about your problems and hope you can either resolve the problems or return it for a refund. Good luck.

Dual CS-505-1

I've acquired a CS-505-1 a couple days ago. The TT would not start at the beginning, the switch was stuck.
I put the TT apart, cleaned everything underneath, fixed the switch, had the Ortofon cartridge, the Dual TKS 49 S, with the Dual stylus DN 149 S off the tone arm, cleaned all connections and put everything back on together.

Now the problem is, I have normal sound on the left channel and some very very faint sound from the right channel.
1: Is the stylus right channel broken, or
2: are the connections on the cartridge holder broken, or
3: are the connections from the shell broken,
4: do I have to change the whole cartridge with stylus, and if so
5: where can I find this type of cartridge, the Ortofon made Dual TKS S
This cartridge holder is held by one screw located on top of the shell

Thanks in advance for all reply

overheating resistor

Hi , hope all good , I have a dual 505-3 love it , it's my second and my ex nicked my first one! ;-)
A friend of mine has a 505-2 which has been stood for a while, i fixed the sticky switch but noticed a funny smell from the plastic cover with vents. On investigation I found the 5 watt resistor overheating and I think it's the motor, which is stiff to turn. I lubed it but it's still the same, my mate wants me to fit a higher wattage resistor and I wont do it as thats a bodge and wont fix the problem.
Any ideas gratefully received

Belt replacement

Hi there,

my Dual CS 505 's toothed belt is broken.
I asked a local specialized audio shop for a replacement, but they told me that they cannot get hold of it anymore.
Does anyone know where I can get this belt?

Thanks !


hi,i got a pitch belt and a main belt from ol-technik for a dual 505-3 delivered to the uk for 28 euros

Pitch control belt

If you do a search on google for 'dual pitch control belt' there are some online sellers that list them


Pickup position

Just was given a Dual 505. It plays very well. However---The unit shuts off and raises the arm before the end of the record. I looked over the manuals on this site, but there is no info on adjusting the pickup position. Does anyone know how to adjust the pickup position? Thank you, Fred


I just got a new CS 505-3 and tried to hook it to an Amp without Phono input.

I figured i'd use a preamp, However. If I connect the pickup to my amp through the preamp there is only a buzz. No sound at all.

If I connect the pickup directly to the amp, the sound level is way too low.. So it seems there is a signal from the pickup. Why then does the preamp not work?

What seems to be the problem here?

Hope someone can help.


Poor Audio

Hey guys, I plugged my Dual 505 in through the AUX on my DVD player to get the full effect of the surround sound and the audio level is really poor. Would the styli affect this ? Some help would be appreciated as it is my first venture with a turntable since 1984.

Thanks !

You might need to use a

You might need to use a preamp or phono ready integrated amplifier, I doubt any DVD player would be able to handle the low output of a turntable.

Great sounding

Turns out the previous owner was using a rubber band as a belt... (?!?)
I purchased new belts (one for pitch control also) and a new cartridge for it.

Everything works great. All features fully functional. Speed at 33/45 seem consistent when monitoring between LPs & CDs (I don't have a strobelight). The only thing I'm thinking about now is what kind of lubing it is in need of. I might have to take it to a vintage service shop for that.

My RCA plugs are a bit worn, but, removing the chassis from the plinth I see the junction
where the cartridge wires meet the RCA cord wires at 4 terminals. I might replace the entire RCA cable side with higher quality... some day. For now, I just want to keep spinning vinyl since they sound so nice.

Dual CS505-2 Plays too fast and also speed is warbly

Hello. I purchased the turntable from a local thrift store because it looked in very nice shape physically. Upon hooking it up at home, I noticed the speeds at 33/45 are both too fast and warbly and the pitch knob doesn't appear to do anything. I managed to remove the unit from the wood base and looked underneath. Everything looks in very nice condition, but, I don't see the toothed belt. Since I did try a record on it, I assume the flat belt is attached (I didn't remove the platter yet).

I was wondering is the speed being fast and warbly usually mean the motor needs replacing, or, could a missing toothed belt cause this speed problem?

The unit does turn off and lift tonearm at end of record.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

toothed belt

It's common for the toothed belt to disintegrate over time and while you can try to set speed with the unit apart it's best to replace it. The 'warbly' sound could be the main belt slipping, but cleaning it and the drive surfaces may fix it?


how to replace the toothed belt on the 505-2?

I am very happy to have found this forum. My 505-2 had been in storage for the last 15 years. I now like to bring it out of its hibernation. I was able to use the advice from this forum to get the microswitch to work. But I haven't been able to figure out how to install a new toothed belt. Please help.

Many thanks,


Dual cs 505-2 problem

Hello. I've got a new amp (NAIT) but it doesn't have a 'ground' screw on it. What should I do with the black earth wire from the turntable? I'm getting quite a bad buzz at the moment.

amp with no ground screw

Yo hirstfam:

All you need to do is take that ground wire from the turntable and tie it under any screw on the chassis of the amp. You just make contact with any bare spot. Most amps have a metal bottom that is bare metal that is held in place by screws along the edge of the chassis. Any of thse screws will work. Just back it out, stick the spade lug under it and tighten it. Any contact with amp chassis will take care of the problem.

Joe Z.

Dual CS 505 problem

I have a Dual CS 505-2 from mid-80s. It has been spinning like a cat ever since, but recently when I plugged in the electrical cord it wouldn't start, so that when I raise the tonearm the platter doesn't turn. Does anyone know if there is a fuse or something rather simple that I could fix myself?


try oiling the motor or just

try oiling the motor or just removing the turntable from the base and seeing if the micro swich that turns the table on is jammed, there are no fuses in the turntable

Cs 515 problem

My father used to repair appliances. I remember that on motor (in that case you have a 16 poles motor) a pole might not work. And I think that if it is the case if you turn the motor like 1/8 of a turn it might start. But then I imagine that you already tried to turn the turntable a bit so that with the belt in place the motor must have turn a bit and would have start. You might find one used for a cheap price (I did for 40$).

Good luck

Dual CS 505 problem

I've just had exactly the same problem myself & tried to see what was wrong. I managed to get the floating part of the chassis off the base but could see nothing obviously wrong. I suspect the belt might be broken or loose but can't see where the belt is located. I've bought another used Dual for now.

Common problem on Dual 505-2

Saw your query from January.

Underneath the chassis there is a leaf switch with a cover over it near the spindle. It looks like a little tan pushbutton if I remember correctly on my unit, but your color may be different. An actuator presses on it when the tone arm is raised and moves toward playing position. It is *very* common on these units for the action of the pushbutton to get stiff if the unit is idle for a long time, and if so, it will not flip on the motor power. Solution is to press the button a few times. It may "pop" the first time, then should begin to work smoother. After about 5 presses, the unit is back to normal.

Easiest prevention is to play records more often.


thanks vekelly


Thanks for your post vekelly, within 5 minutes of reading it, the ancient but fantastic Dual is working again after over 10 years under a pile of stuff!!



CS505 now working!

Many thanks to flim for his invaluable advice about the micro switch and how to get the base off. I now have a working 505!



re: Common problem on Dual 505-2

I am having this same problem. My 505-2 was in storage while I was out of town (for years).

When you write "underneath the chassis" that means underneath the platter?

I cannot find the button mentioned. If I take a picture of the exposed under-platter area, can someone point it out? I have tried pushing whatever seems like a button, or seems to move... to no avail! !

Help! I have lots of great records to spin!

Pace B.

Common Dual 505 problem

You take off the section that moves when you press on it. The plate that has the disc, arm and all the controls on it. It is supported by springs on the corners. By unscrewing the two screws (1 at the front, 1 on the right) and fiddling with them you can lift up the plate.

I have one taken apart right now, so here are the pictures (I removed the cables and some other lids and stuff, but you get the idea). This is the bottom side of the whole plate:

And the little red thing is the on/off switch for the engine. Press the little plastic thing that sticks out of it a few times and it should be ok again! (You may need to remove a plastic cover first, but that's just one can't go wrong!) See this:

common dual 505 problem

I seem to be experiencing the same problem as others with my dual 505 turntable which has been in storage. I also cannot seem to get at the switch to release it. Film kindly posted some photos on 3rd August 2009 showing how to get at it but these have now been deleted. I have undone the two screws but can't seem to get much further that that. Any further advice or photos would be a great help.

removing the top plate

I presume you mean you're having issues with the dual function transit/release screws?

Screwed fully down is for playback, up is for transporting the deck, and in the mid position they can be swung to one side to free the top plate from the plinth.


Removing plate and fixing switch

Thanx to all for the info and pictures. Fixed my 505-4 also!

Thanks for the photos. I've

Thanks for the photos. I've now removed the top section released the sticky switch and reaquatained myself with my records.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot "flim". This

Thanks a lot "flim". This was a great help for me as well. now my Dual is running again. But i also found out that the tooth belt for speed was broken. I need an new one but where can I find it?

Dual Micro switch

Thanks to everybody on this thread. I was about to throw my Dual CS502 out because it would not turn on. Flim's comments about the stuck switch was the problem and it was the easiest thing to fix and I have no skills in this arena. When the platter was off I noticed the pitch belt was broken. Again, taking advice from here I tried a plumbers waste pipe gasket of roughly the same size and it works a treat. No filing of the grooved spindle necessary if the right tention is achieved. Saved £20 at least. Keep up the good work.

Drive Belt

Bit late I know but was looking for something else and found ur query.

Try here
worked for me


Thank you!


Many thanks!

dual 505

Very helpful manual. I must thank christian8.