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Dual CS 5000

3-Speed Semi-Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable

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Dual CS 5000


The Dual CS 5000 is a three speed, semi-auto, belt-driven turntable system with integrated low mass tonearm and pitch control.


Motor: EDS5000

Drive: Microprocessor controlled quartz belt drive

Platter: non-magnetic removable

Tonearm: aluminium tubular tonearm, Kardan, OPS

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB rumble weighted signal to noise ratio

Cartridge: OMB 20E HiFi DIN 45500

Stylus: DN 20 NE Biradial

Frequency range: 10Hz-28kHz


If you've been born and raised with CD, you'll be amazed how sweet and beguiling vinyl can be for such a small outlay - HiFi World

The rare 78rpm facility may give grandmas collection a new lease of life but the player did not warrant recommendation on price vs sound - £230 HiFI Choice 1992


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protractor  English - oso

service manual  English Deutsch

vta adjustment  English Deutsch Francais

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platter on new-to-me cs-5000


I just picked up a Dual CS-5000 which I'm pretty excited about, but need to change the belt and am having an unusually difficult time removing the platter to do so. It has a different spindle design than my Dual 1229, and I don't want to damage it before I get to use it by applying too much force in the wrong place.

Any trick to this deck's platter removal? I don't see any clear description of this in the service manual and I'm sure I'm just missing something.

Dual Belt

Don't remove the platter, just lift up the pad.

Dual CS5000

Just wondering how difficult it is to set-up/calibrate the Dual CS5000 turntable.

Dual CS5000

Hi can someone please tell me the belt size for the Dual CS5000? thanks.
It's okay I found the right size.

Dual CS 5000 repair?

Can the 5000 be repaired (in Northern CA)? After 20 years of excellent but infrequent use, it failed to start last time I tried. The belt had been replaced at least once and it appears OK. With rubber mat removed, the drive will not initiate rotation but if the turntable is then manually spun (at something close to 78 rpm) it slows down a bit but continues to run for quite a while. With mat and LP in place, the turntable apparently presents too much load for the available torque and it stops almost immediately after the hand-spin. Is there a good-quality 3-speed replacement priced in the low-hundreds?.

Denon DL 160 a good match ?

I am curious if the Denon DL160 is a good match for the CS5000 tonearm. I already changed the Ortofon OM-10 for the Denon DL-160 and I do like the sound alot. I am new in the world of audio and I like to learn all about it so if someone can explain why/why not - mass wise -it was good please feel free.


Does anyone know where I might purchase a oem or replacement headshell either adjustable or not? Are there any compatible headshells from another manufacturer?

Vertical Tracking Angle Adjustment

I just brought out my TT and found out that I need to change my cartridge/stylus. Unfortunately, I am no longer familiar with the Dual TT and would appreciate it if someone could let me know how to adjust the vertical tracking angle after installing a new cartridge.
Is it important at all or should I leave it at 0.

Dual CS 5000 TT

Just want to thank you for the manuals. I have had this TT since new, but only used it for a few years. I had it packed up and put away, but recently pulled it out along with all my old vinyl. Most are in pretty bad shape, but the 20 - 30 that I purchased after getting the CS 5000 seem to be in pretty good shape. I want to try to refurbish this as much as possible, then try it out. The manuals should be a big help.


Manual en Español

Thank you!

Speed control no longer working

My TT will no longer sync up at 33 1/3. The light keeps blinking and it seems to be turning too fast. (Still works at 45, 78). Any thoughts?

no longer sync up at 33 1/3

Mine is doing the same did you ever find a fix for yours?
I start at 78 then when it syncs i switch to 33 and as it comes down in speed it syncs up at 33

DUAL CS 5000

Does anyone have the turntable overall dimensions, with and without cover opened?


Do you still need these?

Do you still need these?

Notes on CS-5000 headshells


This TT is available with two different headshells, one with a unique VTA adjustment. It has a round dial on top with graduations on it that is turned to change the VTA and a setscrew to take out all the free play and hold it in place.

The other headshell has no VTA adjustment. I've seen comments on the Internet favoring this one. Be aware that the arm design assumes the VTA would be adjusted via the headshell, so there is no way to raise or lower the arm; without the VTA-adjusting headshell the VTA can only be adjusted by shimming the cartridge.

They also come in black and silver, and I've seen the adjustable headshells in both.


Cartridges with long flat backs (a wood bodied Grado in my case) will not fit in the adjustable VTA headshell without a thick shim. An appropriate shim originally came with the TT, but these days one likely has to make one's own. Any such thick shim will add mass to the headshell and move the arm/cartridge resonance frequency lower. Whether that's good or bad depends.


The centers of two of the VTA-adjustable headshells' four-pin connectors to the arm have come apart when I removed the headshell. That's two out of two, actually. I have never had one of the non-adjustable heads, but I don't see why their connectors would be any different. I glued the center part in place, which worked OK. (I used epoxy, I think.) I don't know any way to hold the center part in place when removing the headshell.

Cheers, Bob

VTA Instruction Sheet

Do you have the VTA instruction supplement sheet?

Re: VTA Instruction Sheet

I need this too. Just bought a new Ortofon OM-5e for the CS5000
that I bought way back in mid 1980s.
I'm following the instructions in the turntable manual
(I still have that), but it refers to the separate
sheet on VTA which I can't seem to find after
all these years.

Also, an author at another site recommends removing
the metal weight from the top of the Ortofon cartridge
when using it on an ULM tone-arm like the CS5000.
Comments on that?
(I sent an inquiry to Ortofon, so we'll see what they say.)

Drive belt

Hi, i am looking for specs. about the drivebelt, (size and all) anyone can help..