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Dual 721

2-Speed Direct-Drive Turntable (1977-1979)

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dual cs 721
Dual 721


The Dual 721 is a fully automatic, single play, direct drive successor to the quietest turntable ever made.

Independent test reports on the electronic direct-drive Dual 701 were extraordinary. Their results are still pertinent since the CS 721 has the same drive system.

Hirsch-Houck Labs found the wow level 'essentially at the residual level of our test record', and the Feldman Lab report in FM Guide was able to detect 'no flutter whatsoever'.

The CS 721 tonearm has a number of new developments that contribute significantly to fine tracking performance.

Most notable of these is the tonearm base which has a vernier height adjustment for setting the tonearm parallel to the record with any size cartridge.

This eliminates the added mass of cartridge spacers otherwise needed to achieve precise vertical tracking angle. It also makes cartridge mounting and interchange more convenient.


Motor: EDS 1000-2 electronically controlled direct drive system

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Platter: 1.5kg, 305mm, dynamically balanced

Pitch control: 10%

Wow and flutter: <0.03%

Rumble: >70dB

Tonearm: extra long tubular tonearm with double acting vibration damping

Tonearm effective length: 222mm

Stylus pressure: 0 to 3g


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dual cs 721

After two decades without use, I attempted to use my turntable and it would not turn on. There was a brief orange light from the strobe and nothing happened. Any thoughts about what to do next. Thanks


The 721 is probably Duals finest turntable.
Despite the absence of "hifi-gloria" in its looks
and its cheaply made plastic housing its better
over all than most far more expensive decks
from the far east of its time.
Sure its not perfect nor high-end but it offers
more than 95% of what is possible to extract
from vinyl with a very good cartridge.
I used a 721 with a Dynavector DV-23R and
was very pleased for years. The Denon DP60L
i had afterwards had more eyecandy and
was more solidly built but not better sounding.


I have a dual 721 and the tone arm goes half way accross the record and the returns to the holder any ideas on how to adjust this? I believe it has something to do with the anti skating any ideas

Dual 721 Dust Cover

I've had my 721 since 1978 but broke the dust cover years ago

any ideas on where to find a replacement or one from another model that will fit?

Dual 721 Dust Cover

There are some on ebay right now except they are $100...

dust covers for 721

All in one electronics in canada south street service in ny maybe you can reach bohhey(Bill) over at audiokarma, he might have one

Dual 721

I bought my player around 1974?. About a Year ago the cartridge holder broke and I put the turntable away. I bought the holder and a needle and put my turntable back together again, and am ready to tranfer my records to cd. But my arm lifts up and then down. I can't get it to go to the record. Any ideas

dual 721

I have had that problem with another automatic player. ait needed some oil at a bearing of a arm. The old oil has been hard and the arm was allmost fastend.