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Dual 701

2-Speed Automatic Single Play Turntable (1973-1976)

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Dual 701


The Dual 701 is the quietest turntable ever made. Not only in our judgement, but in that of the first independent test laboratory to evaluate its performance.

This has been accomplished by an entirely different kind of motor, designed expressly for the 701, and a very innovative approach to the problem of resonance.

Instead of the familiar, high speed AC motor, the 701 has an all electronic, low speed motor, with feedback-controlled speed precision.

Because this motor rotates at the record speed, 33 1/3 or 45rpm, the need for speed reduction systems such as friction idler or rim belt is eliminated.

Instead, the platter is rotated directly by the motor, and the record spindle is the top of the motor shaft.

The 701 motor is so quiet and free from vibration that it does not require any isolation mounting, but is mounted directly to the chassis.


Platter: non-magnetic, dynamically balanced, detachable 2.9kg

Platter speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm, electronically adjustable

Pitch control: 10% separate for both speeds, each adjusted by means of variable resistor, with calibration scale

Speed control: with illuminated stroboscope

Wow and flutter: < 0.03%

Rumble: < 50dB unweighted

Tonearm: torsionally rigid, tubular tonearm in low-friction four-point gimbal suspension, tonearm counterbalance with two mechanical anti-resonance filters


EDS 1000 motor alignment  English Deutsch Francais - Sieds

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instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais Nederlands

mounting template (not to scale)  English Deutsch Francais Nederlands - matts basement

service manual  Deutsch

service manual  English

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Dual 701

More pictures of the Dual 701

Help for dual 701

Hello All,
I have a Dual 701 which works fine except the fact that when the record is finished the arm keeps going up and down but does not return to its resting position. After long search i discovered that this is due to a missing part. For those who have downloaded the service manual the part i miss is shown on page 18, fig 21. In that picture you see the darker part which consists of two elements with a gap of 0,5 - 0,7 mm between them. The top one is called "Control stud" and without it the arm refuses to return to resting position. Does anyone know where i can possibly find a replacement control stud?

regards to all


Help with missing Dual 701 control stud / friction guide.

A common failure with old automatic Duals. Dual part No. 223777 or No. 216844. Available for instance at
A replacement can also be home-made from any piece of plastic - Search for "steuerpimpel" in the search box at top of page.

Regards, Dirk

dual 701

Yes I am also in Australia and I have two 701's and I hadn't used them in a while - I dragged them out and exactly the same thing as Derick described they were working for a short while and then nothing also seemed to me like a blown fuse. I have not taken them apart to investigate any further. At first I was quite upset because I thought the motors must have blown up or something - but judging by other members comments that may not be the case! Can anyone assist in pointing me in the right direction in regards to getting them going again?

Not working motor

Replace ( or just remove) the -probably burned- capacitor at the power supply under the metal box.It dries up after long not using the 701.
Did this several times for some 701's

Needle and capsule substitution

Hello all
I've a Dual 701 Polyvox turntable here - with an empire 999 t/ex capsule. I imported the needle asking for this specification from LPGear and they send me the wrong model. The capsule have a circular opening to insert the needle, and they send me an squared type..Anyway, I'm complaining if someone have another solution for this. I made myself a needle, using small pieces and it works. Of course was not the same thing (in quality), but is there some another way to change the empire capsule to another model??? Or there are a model I can adjust to this capsule??? The manual I downloaded do not bring this information....
Brazilian hugs and waiting for the answer!

Dual-701 Strobe light

The strobe light is not working and I suspect it is burnt. Can you help me as to where can I find a replacement bulb?

Dual 701 replacement stobe lamp


Did you ever find a source for these lamp bulbs?