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Dual 430

Semi-Automatic 2-Speed Idler-Drive Turntable

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2-pole Asynchronmotor motor

dual 430 turntable
Dual 430


Drive: 2-pole asynchronous motor

Platter: 205mm diameter, 0.9kg

Speeds: 33.33, 45rpm

Rumble: more than 44dB

Cartridge: piezo electric ceramic Dual CDS 650 with DN6 stylus

Frequency response: 20 to 16,000Hz

Weight: 2.3kg


service manual  Deutsch

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Owners Manual in German?

Hi, I own one of these great little beauties, a CS 430 equiped with a CDS 660 cartridge and a DN 8 needle.
Unfortunately I do not have the original owners manual / operating instructions in german. Can someone please load up this geman manual here? (I also speak english, but I'd rather prefer a geman one.)

Many thanks in advance.

A great little deck. I just

A great little deck. I just restored a model 420, which is identical to 430 but has a simpler arm. A weak point is the headshell, in the 420 at least it was not removable, the plastic around the contacts was thin to start with and got brittle and broke with age, giving intermittent sound. I had to strip it all out and fit a new generic ceramic cartridge and tags.

This is semi automatic, at the end of a side there is a velocity trip which lifts the arm off and shuts off the motor.
The 420 is fitted to Bettor EF-141 player.

This turntable does not have

This turntable does not have a synchronous motor! And afaik it's a manual turntable, not semi-automatic.


Thanks, that should have read 2-pole Asynchronmotor.