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Dual 1249

2-Speed Fully-Automatic Turntable

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Dual 1249


The Dual 1249 holds a unique position in the Dual family; it is our only full size, fully automatic model that offers both single-play and multi-play.

Tracking is flawless at pressures as low as a quarter of a gram.

In single play, the tonearm parallels the record to provide perfect vertical tracking.

In multi-play mode the mode selector lifts the entire tonearm to parallel the centre of the stack.

The dynamically balanced cast platter and flywheel are driven by an 8-pole synchronous motor via a precision ground belt.

Pitch is variable over a 6% range and can be set to exact speed by means of an illuminated strobe, read directly from the rim of the platter.

All operations are completely flexible and convenient - and foolproof.

The tonearm can be lowered to the record manually or via the viscous damped cue-control or by simply pressing the automatic switch.

You also have the option of single play, continuous repeat, or multiple play.


Effective length: 222mm

Stylus pressure: 0 to 3g infinitely variable

Cartridge holder: removable, accepting any cartridge with 1/2" mounting and a weight from 5.5 to 10g (inc screws)

Adjustable overhang: 5mm

Dimensions: 420 x 148 x 365mm

Weight: 7.6kg


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Sticky Tone-Arm

I just bought a Dual 1249 from Goodwill and it sounds great... for a couple rotations. Then the tone-arm sticks and repeats one rotation, over and over. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?

What goes wrong with these?

Pulled this out of the attic and plugged it in today and it shows no signs of life; What are some common problems with this model?


If it's been in storage for a long time it may have got damp which could have blown the fuse when you first turned it on? I'd also check any capacitors in the motor circuit as these don't age well when stored, the motor to make sure it hasn't seized and the belt to make sure it hasn't fallen off :)


75th Year Duals Jubilee Model

Superb belt driven turntable.
Exellent drive & good medium mass tonearm.
Solidly build but thanks to the changemechanism
mechanicly more complex and harder to maintain
than say the 510 or 601.
Except for the missing VTA adjustability the 1249
arm is on par in quality with 704/721.
No Hifi-Gloria in its looks but great quality in a very
compact form.