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Dual 1218

3-Speed Idler-Drive Turntable (1971)

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dual 1218 turntable
Dual 1218


Drive: Idler wheel

Speeds: 33.33, 45 and 78rpm

Pitch control: 6%

Platter: die-cast, non-magnetic, dynamically balanced

Speed accuracy: +- 0.09%

Rumble: 59dB weighted

Tonearm: Torsionally rigid aluminium tubular tonearm in a 4-point gimbal suspension, with skeletal head design


brochure  English - speaker dave

instruction/owners manual  English - Edison01

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch

mounting template  English Deutsch Francais - whites

service manual  English - grafr

service manual  Francais - dualcan

test reports  English - speaker dave



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My Dual 1218

I have followed the threads, but I still cannot find the answer to why my turntable doesn't respond to the start/stop switch. The best I can figure is that I'm missing a spring, but if anyone has detailed instructions as to how to troubleshoot, I would appreciate it.
I have the manual, it is unhelpful in this regard.
Thank you.

Hi Kitty Kat, This sounds

Hi Kitty Kat,
This sounds exactly like the problem I had with my own 1218 some ten years ago. In my case it was due to two parts no longer making the necessary connection when the start/stop switch was in the start position (probably the consequence of 25 years of intensive use...). It was solved by a colleague/friend at the electronics store where I worked by fixing the switch in the start position and permanently wedging said parts against each other (I think we're talking about parts A and B in fig. 22, p.11 of the manual-pdf). That would make the table turn pemanently as well so he inserted a simple on/off switch in the power cable. I no longer had the automatic start feature and the arm would of course return to play the same side again unless I interrupted it, but it worked fine for me for several years (untill I tried to change the speed from 33 to 45rpm for the first time in maybe twenty years, thereby crippling my turntable. But that's a different story which may get fixed now that I've found this manual.)
Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Good luck,