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Dual 1214

3-Speed Idler-Drive Turntable

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dual 1214 auto-standard turntable
Dual 1214


Drive: 2-pole single phase induction motor or 4-pole asynchronous motor with radialelastic suspension

Speeds: 33.33, 45 and 78rpm

Speed adjustment: 1 semitone (6%) at all speeds

Platter: 3.2 lbs

Wow and flutter: less than 0.15%

Rumble: less than 35dB

Signal to noise ratio: less than 55dB

Tonearm: torsionally rigid, tubular metal arm with vertical needle bearings and horizontal 2-layer precision ball bearings

Cartridge holder: removable 1/2" mounting

Weight: 9.7lbs without packing


instruction/owners manual  English - DRozell

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mounting template  English Deutsch Francais - whites

service manual  English



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Dual rim-drive turntable removal

How does the platter come off, is it a simple lift or is there a clip? Mine seems stuck.

Rim drive removal

Depending on the model, there is a wire circlip around the middle shaft. If you remove the pin in the middle and
the chrome ring you may see it better. Usually a groove in the shaft. You can move the ring with a very small
screw drive so it crosses the gap and then pry it off. Other units have a lock which you can access under
the rubber cover by moving a lever sideways while pulling up.