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Dual 1007 A

4-Speed Idler-Drive Turntable

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dual 1007 a record changer
Dual 1007 A


The stereo record changer Dual 1007 A is designed for reproduction of all record types (78 rpm, LP and stereo) and can be used as an automatic record changer, automatic single player or manual single player.

Four turntable speeds are provided: 16-2/3, 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm.

The operation is push-button-controlled. The Start button also serves as record size selector and Reject control. Pressing of Stop button immediately interrupts play while returning tonearm to rest position and shutting unit off.

Regardless of type of operation (as record changer, automatic or manual single player) the tonearm will always return to rest position and the unit will shut itself off after completion of play.

The AC motor is adjustable to 110, 150 and 220 volts, and power line frequencies of 40, 50 and 60 c/s.

A special automatic changing spindle AS6 for 45 rpm records and an extra heavy high fidelity turntable 15/1007 are available as optional accessories.


Drive: Idler wheel

Motor: 2-Pole Asynchromotor

Speeds: 78, 45, 33.33, 16.66 rpm

Rumble: 62dB

Cartridge: CDS 620 (turnover type)

Weight: 3.3kg


instruction/owners manual  Deutsch

service manual  Deutsch

service manual  English - dualcan

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English edition!

Hello, Do you have english edition of the service manual&instruction manual(dual1007A)?
If not, could you please help me about my problem?
The spring(page 10 object 58 in service manual) was broken. How can I control the object 57? This object provides to play or stop. I have to hold it up(or stick gummy on it) while playing!