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Dual 1006 A

4-Speed Idler-Drive Turntable

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dual 1006 a record changer
Dual 1006 A


The Dual 1006A can be used as a record changer, automatic record player or as a manual record player.

It plays both stereophonic and monaural records with studio quality.

These are the advantages and special features of the Dual 1006A:

4 Speeds - 16 2/3, 33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm

Playback of all record sizes from 7 to 12" in diameter

Changes up to 10 records, regardless of the diameter

Repeat with automatic cancellation

Instant stop by operating STOP key, arm returns and equipment shuts off

Self stabilized changer spindle

Easy removal of record stack

Arm has removable cartridge holder

Adjustment screw to regulate tracking pressure

Built in scale to control tracking pressure

Stereo key for control of stereo effect


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Dual 1006a record deck

Hello, have just purchased one of these decks for my collection but the cartridge holder is missing.

Does anybody have one spare they migh sell me?

Best Regards

Robert Ball

Dual 1006 cartridge base

I just purchased a Saba Vollautomatic 125 Console with a Dual 1006 Changer. It has a spare cartridge Base. Email me if you are interested.