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Started life as Gerbruder Steidinger making spring wound motors and changed their name to Dual in 1927, the name referring to the fact that its gramophones where useable outside the home by using the spring wound mechanism.

The company huge range of turntables from the 1960's onwards including classic idler drives, belt drives and even a few direct drive models. Dual turntables are renowned for performance on a budget and provided such luxuries as semi or automatic tonearm mechanisms, easy speed change and occasionally auto record changers.


Since 1993 the complete production of the Dual turntable programme is operated by Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH. The sales are made via Schneider Electronic AG.

In 1995 Karstadt AG buys the user rights for the brand name Dual for the marketing of their own products which are produced by renowned companies.

Since 2006 Alfred Fehrenbacher get all rights for the brand name Dual for the marketing and sales of analogue turntables.


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