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Denon DP-6000

Servo Controlled Direct-Drive Record Player (1976)

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also available with DK-200 cabinet and DA-307 Tonearm as the DP-6700

Denon DP-6000


99.998% Accurate Speed; Phase Controlled by Quartz Oscillation: The rotating speed is highly stabilised by a timing clock based on a quartz crystal oscillation which is very stable against changes of temperature or time.

By the use of Phase-locked loop method, the speed is hardly affected by load or supply voltage fluctuation.

DC Electrical Brake for Smoother Operation: Up-speeding servo function and a DC electrical brake are commanded in accordance with the speed detection data.

The result is smoother operation in speed change-over, in starting or in stopping as well as during play.

Magnetic Recording for Speed Detection: Denon established its original motor control system using magnetic recording method for speed and phase detection.

1000 pulses recorded with a high accuracy allow a high detecting frequency to expel phase lagging of the servo system accordingly over-shoot, wow and flutter therein.

Improved S/N, Wow and Flutter Performance by an AC Motor: With the introduction of pulse width modulation for motor regulation, a cleaner driving current can be applied to the motor.

This improves S/N, wow and flutter performance. This method has also reduced power consumption.


Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Platter: 1.8kg diecast aluminium, 312mm dia

Speed adjustable range: more than +-6%

Wow and flutter: 0.015% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 77dB or more

Brake: DC electrical brake

Motor: AC servo motor


instruction/owners manual  English Francais

mounting template  English Nihongo - Peterletwo

service manual  English

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denon DP-6000


It is a real tank made machine. I think it is very stable & produce very good performanace