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Denon DP-59L

Servo Controlled Direct-Drive Turntable (1984)

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Denon DP-59L


The Denon DP-59L turntable has the following features:

An electronic Q-damping (DST) low-mass straight tonearm

A thick, precision 2.2kg turntable platter

Quartz locking speed control

AC servo motor

Auto-lift mechanism

Interchangeable tonearm wands

The unit is housed in a beautifully finished, mirror surface cabinet with internal vibration insulation.


Type: direct drive

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.006% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: better than 82dB

Dimensions: 490 x 219 x 410mm

Weight: 15kg


instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  English Francais

instruction/owners manual  Francais

service manual  English

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New needle wanted!


My needle broke down a few days ago and now I'm looking for a substitute.

I found this one on ebay (in German):
AT91 - original Audio Technica AT 91

Is this a good one or not? Many thanks for your help - I really appreciate this!


transport screws?

need help in finding out what is the correct size/type/thread..etc. for the transport screws. I'm gettin ready to ship this table....and need some assistance.


Denon DP59L Transport screws

Hi Mang.
Sorry to bother you, but I have the same problem as you did. Did you ever find the right transport screws for the Denon DP59L?

M4 20mm & 25mm

M4 20mm & 25mm work just fine. Bought them yesterday and tried them out. The 25mm screw seems a tad short maybe. I may try one just a bit longer, but I think the 25mm may do fine. I'd hate to cause any accidental damage by using a 30mm or something like that. The 25mm just seems to only start threading as you drop it almost all the way down.

I'm using the socket cap Allen Head screws with the ridges so I can just put them in finger tight. I don't think they should be turned with screwdriver for fear of over torquing.

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