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Denon DP-55K

Servo-Controlled Direct-Drive Turntable (1980)

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denon dp-55k direct drive turntable
Denon DP-55K


The DP-55K features magnetic recording for speed detection.

Denon originated this unique motor control system, which uses a magnetic recording method for speed and phase detection.

One-thousand pulses are recorded on the inside rim of the platter with the highest degree of accuracy.

This creates a high detecting frequency eliminating phase lagging of the servo system, and accordingly over-shoot, wow and flutter.

The deck holds 99.998% speed accuracy, phase controlled by quartz oscillation.

The rotation speed is highly stabilised by a timing clock. This is very stable against changes of temperature or time.

By use of the phase-locked loop method, the speed is virtually unaffected by load or supply voltage fluctuations.

The bi-directional servo delivers quick, smooth starts and speed changes.

Smooth stopping is accomplished by the electronic brake.


Drive system: direct drive

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.015% WRMS

S/N: more than 78dB

Platter: 300mm diecast aluminium

Motor: AC servo motor

Dimensions: 510 x 425 x 185mm


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service manual  English

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