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Denon DP-45F

Fully-Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable

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with dynamic servo tracer tonearm

Denon DP-45F


The Denon DP-45F Features an automatic record size detection system.

When no record is present on the turntable, the tonearm won't function, thereby protecting the stylus tip from any potential damage.

The microprocessor controlled, contact less tonearm ensures safe, easy to use operation with no deterioration in sound quality.

Even with the most up to date high grade records, its tracing ability is excellent.


Type: Quartz fully auto

Tonearm: dynamic servo tracer system

Drive system: direct drive

Motor: linear drive motor

Wow and flutter: 0.012% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB

Dimensions: 434 x 135 x 412mm

Weight: 7kg


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service manual  English

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dp45f what to do

problem : needle broke off stlyus....i have a b&o mmc4 stlyus on there now(broken).
question is : what can i change it too ....and what parts will be needed and what adjustment .


DP45F does not detect prescence of disc-nor detecting 45s

Doe's anyone know what to do in this case, when tt plays only LPs OK, and Lift up-down, Repeat, Locate, etc working OK.
What is wrong here? Is there any bulb detecting discs that is OUT?
Any good advice highly appreciated


I'm really pleased to have recently inherited a Denon DP-45F (returning to vinyl after many years of collecting CDs and more recently wav downloads). Such a joy to find this website and the downloads of the manuals gives me a fighting chance of getting the turntable up and running as it is missing the cartridge/stylus, headshell, and the earth phono out cables/wires. Now to track down those bits ...

Denon DP-45-F

Excellence is an Art!

Howdy. Rngr 47 here. New to Vinyl Engine. Good to be here. Ive enjoyed the specialized threads Ive seen on here. Nice to join the party.
Anyone know if the above model, a nice model in itself, but not standard in arm size, not to mention- its a plastic arm and shell, is interchangeable with new arms?? If not, and I'm stuck with this arm/ head, can anyone recommend a cartridge better than the dp-60 it comes with. I believe the dp-60 was very basic and cant expect too much from it, am I right? (Id like a Dp-160/103, but, will have to wait on the cash for that!) comments and any useful knowledge appreciated......

Denon DP-45F

I have not used my turntable in a number of years. It has been stored indoors in a closet. I set it up to use and the turntable does not turn. All the lights function and the auto start works just no turning. Any ideas out there?

DP-45F Motor

Is the LOCK light blinking or steady? Just went thru a similar problem, take the aluminum platter off, and see if the spindle spins without the platter. Disassemble the motor from the TT, doing this is easy, just turn the TT upside down and unscrew, then take the bottom cover off. The motor is in the center and is held in position by 6 screws, undo them. Pull the spindle from the bearing, you need to pull hard and it will pop out. Check that all motor windings are in place, if one is not in place check that it is still connected by the lead and put some Crazy Glue (or similar) and reattach in place. Then, on the bearing cavity put a drop of oil (15W-40 motor, 10W-30 motor, 5W-30 motor, 10W-40 motor, sewing machine oil can be used), and cover the spindle part that enters the bearing with a thin film of the same oil. Push the spindle in the bearing, it will trap air and you will feel it like if it was a shock absorber, clean any excess oil that might overflow from the bearing/spindle assembly, and reattach motor to its position. Press the power button, and see if it works properly.

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Denon DP-45F with AT-3600

electronic schematics

Hi all!
Do anybody has or know how to obtain the electronics schematics for DP45F ?
My turntable is not working and my technician needs the schematics to try to repair it.
Thanks & Regards !

Denon DP-45F Cartridge Installation

I am installing a new cartridge in the unit and I need to identify the connections in the head shell so that I can connect the leads from the cartridge. I would appreciate directions or a sketch.

Denon DP-45F Cartridge Installation

Download the manual from the library section of this website. All information you need is included in it.

ars gratia artis

Many thanks

I was given a DP45F this afternoon, and want to put it into service, as it was intended. Your site and the availability of the owner's manual (I have the original box) is really great. Can anyone decipher the date code: 8402 ? I'm guessing February 1984, but that's just a WAG. Thanks again to the posters.