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Connoisseur SAU 2

Gimbal Bearing Tonearm

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Connoisseur SAU 2


The SAU2 is fitted as standard to the BD1 and BD2 turntables.

The arm is suspended on a gimbal assembly using 1/10" diameter hardened steel balls which fit in polished spherical cups on the four pivot screws.

Thus a very low friction context is achieved whilst keeping the construction robust, so that the very est of cartridges can be used with confidence.

Exclusive to the SAU2 arm, the gimbals are set at 45 degrees so that by the addition of a small arm to the inner gimbal ring an outer bias is achieved simply without the use of complicated and fragile components.

A sliding weight on the arm makes the bias adjustable.

The outward bias is necessary to counteract the skating effect or inward pull due to the off set of the pickup head, and the friction between the stylus and the record groove.


Mounting: single hole fixing 11/16" diameter

Tracking centres: 7 13/16"

Height adjustable: 1 to 1.5"

Headshell: 1/2" fixing centres

Arm rest: separate arm rest for platform mounting


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