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Columbia Special Products Professional Test Records


CBS Laboratories Technical Series Professional Test Records are unique, high-precision tools designed to assist audio and quality control engineers and test and service technicians in the rapid evaluation of audio components, equipment and systems.

Each record has a complete series of tests, which eliminates the need for equipment, saves hours of time, and makes it a productive tool in the laboratory, on the production line, and in field testing.

STR 100 - Stereophonic Frequency Test Record

The STR 100, designed for the evaluation of pickups and systems, was recorded with a constant amplitude characteristic below 500Hz and a constant velocity characteristic above 500Hz.

Tests include: Sweep Frequency, with the sweep rate synchronized for use with a graphic level recorder; Spot Frequency, with voice announcements; Channel Separation; Wavelength Loss and Stylus Wear, to pinpoint oversize or worn-out styli, and excessive pickup tracking force; Compliance; Phasing; Vertical and Lateral Tracking; Tone Arm Resonance, to check system performance at low and sub audible frequencies and thus reveal undamped resonances which may cause equipment overloading.

STR 112 - Square Wave, Tracking and Intermodulation Test Record

The STR 112 permits detailed study of tracking capabilities of stereophonic phonograph pickups. The square wave modulation allows a rapid appraisal of stylus-tip mass, damping, and tracking.

Low frequency compliance and tracking are determined by means of 300Hz bands of progressively increasing amplitude. Intermodulation distortion measurements are made possible by graduated 200Hz and 400Hz intermodulation test bands. The STR 112 has been cut with vertical angle approximating 15 degrees, which is representative of current recording practice.

STR 120 - Wide Range Pickup Response Test Record

The STR 120 makes possible the measurement of pickup response at frequencies far beyond the audible range, where elusive distortion elements can cause audible distortion. The low-frequency range includes glide-tones at twice normal level for the detection and elimination of arm resonance, loudspeaker cone and cabinet rattles.

Other tests include: silent grooves for measuring rumble and surface noise characteristics; and standard level bands at 0dB for overall system S/N measurements. This record is suitable for use with a graphic level recorder to provide permanent, visible records for precise evaluation.

STR 130 - RIAA Frequency Response Test Record

The STR 130, with RIAA frequency characteristics, is designed for the calibration of professional recording equipment and for testing the response of professional and consumer record reproduction equipment.

This record is suitable for use with a graphic level recorder to provide permanent, visible records for precise evaluation. Spot frequency bands for use without automatic equipment are included.

STR 140 - RIAA Pink Noise Acoustical Test Record

The STR 140 is designed for acoustical testing of systems and loudspeakers, and for psychoacoustic tests on reproduction equipment. With the STR 140 it becomes possible to test loudspeakers in the room in which they will be used.

Spot frequency tones with voice announcements facilitate the testing procedure. Continuous glide-tones in 1/3-octave bands cover the frequency range from 30 to 15,000Hz and are synchronized with a graphic level recorder.

STR 151 - Broadcast Test Record

The Broadcast Test Record STR 151 was developed especially to meet the needs of broadcast engineers, audiophiles, and other professionals seeking a convenient signal source for the testing and adjustment of all audio equipment.

As a means for measuring phonograph pickup response this record is an essential tool. In providing complex waveforms for special tests, it is a device which can be used to great advantage by all AM, FM, and TV broadcasters, as well as audio service centers.

STR 170 - 318 Microsecond Frequency Response Test Record

The STR 170 provides pickup designers and recording studios with a high-level, easily-equalized signal for frequency response and channel separation measurements.

The STR 170 employs a 318 microsecond characteristic corresponding to the "test" or "flat" mode common to most disc recording equipment. Constant amplitude recording is employed in the region below 500 Hz with constant velocity recording in the region above. The transition is smooth, in contrast with the STR 100 which employs a sharp breakpoint at 500 Hz.

The record is suitable for use with a graphic level recorder to provide permanent, visible records for precise evaluation.

STR 101 - Seven Steps to Better Listening

Through easy to make tests and simple narrative, this test record for home use will help you to blend electronic components, room acoustics and the characteristics of your own ears into one well-tuned system for the enjoyment of all recorded sound.

You will be able to assure yourself that your equipment functions properly, and also learn to tune your record player to your own hearing and to the acoustics of the room in which you are listening.

A booklet of detailed operational procedures by the noted author, Edward Tatnall Canby, is also included.

SQT 1100 - Quadraphonic Test Record

The SOT-1 100 is designed for calibration, verification, and adjustment of 5QTM decoding equipment.

The record provides test bands for pickup measurements, for adjustment of decoder electronics and for channel identification and balance. Each band is described in terms of recorded characteristics and its intended use.


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