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Coloney AB-1

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable System

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Coloney AB-1


With the advent of direct-to-disc, digital master tapes, half speed mastering and DBX encoding, the engineering of analogue records has attained unprecedented levels of fidelity.

Does your turntable measure up to the quality of these super discs?

The Coloney AB-1 meets the challenge with it's totally unique solutions to the problems of turntable and tonearm design.

A number of problems commonly associated with straight line tracking turntables has been eliminated from the Coloney AB-1.

For example, you will never be plagued by: A servo driven tonearm that inch worms it's way across the record constantly searching for the true tangential position but spending very little time in the correct location; A trendy, low silhouette which forces overpowering design constraints on the vibration isolation system; A heavy tonearm counterbalance weight; A tonearm with vast numbers of bearings, guides and drive devices all of which contribute their own particular colouration to the music; A serviceman's nightmare of inaccessible electronics.

Features of the Coloney AB-1 include:

A lightweight spring loaded disc magnet replacing the conventional counterbalance weight.

300 rpm synchronous motor with belt drive to platter.

300mm diameter three-component sandwich construction platter damps out resonance.

Base plate suspended from the support frame by four springs which act in two ways to isolate the base plate from external vibrations.

Three point support frame provides stable, easily levelled structure.

Radial tracking tonearm with a single air bearing with correct tracking at all times - the tonearm is rigid and has no pivot in the horizontal plane.


Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: less than 0.07%

Rumble: better than -70dB

Tonearm: tangential tracking air bearing arm

Effective length: 152.4mm

Overhang: none

Arm height adjustment range: 3/8"

Vertical tracking adjustment range: 20 degrees

Maximum cartridge load: 10g, adaptable to 20g

Suspension system: 4 independent springs, damped resonant frequency 3.1Hz

Power requirements: 50/60Hz, 120 VAC, 3 watts

Air pump: 4PSi maximum

Dimensions: 635 x 431.8 x 127mm


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