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CJ Walker CJ 58

2-Speed Turntable

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The CJ58 is a 2-Speed, belt driven turntable with 16-pole AC synchronous motor, suspended sub frame and manual speed change.

CJ Walker CJ 58


The CJ58 is a precision turntable and should be handled carefully, in particular the bearing spindle and bearing housing.

If you are in any doubt regarding the correct functioning of the turntable please contact your dealer in the first instance, or if necessary the manufacturer direct.

Never remove the base plate or attempt to carry out internal examination without first disconnecting from the mains supply.

Keep the pulley, drive hub and belt scrupulously clean to avoid belt slippage and consequent pitch fluctuation.

£115 motor unit only
£180 fitted with Mission 774LC tonearm


Drive system: belt

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.06% DIN peak weighted

Speed accuracy: within 0.2%

Start up time: 4.5secs

Rumble: 77dB DIN B weighted

Platter: 300mm diameter 2.0kg

Motor: 16 pole synchronous

Dimensions: 478 x 368 x 150mm


The turntable sounded well balanced, with a decent bass register, the latter strong in terms of extension and articulation. Stereo images showed better depth than usual, while the central focus was clear and stable - £115 HiFi Choice 1984


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CJ-55 Info

I just can't find any info for the CJ-55.

My CJ-55 has the round belt instead of the flat belt, so is it the early or the late model?

Also what's the different between a CJ-55 and CJ-58 other than the CJ-58 has a smaller arm board.

Where can I get spare parts for it, like motor, springs and belt?

Is the distance between the platter and the plinth 6mm or 7mm?



The CJ58 came with a small block of wood which was slid between the platter and the base to assist in setting the correct distance between the two. The thickness of this block of wood was 7mm.

suspension --- walker cj55

does anyone know the correct distance between platter and chassis (by using the suspension screws)

please ---> write some information on Walker cj55

6 mm

6 mm