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Stereo Pickup Arm

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Breuer Dynamic Tonearm


In contrast to most audio components which consist almost exclusively of electronic circuitry, the tonearm is a purely mechanical element. In spite of this fact, it is the tonearm in conjunction with the cartridge which determines the output quality of any high fidelity system as a resonance product.

The more closely the resonance parameters of the tonearm are considered, the more precisely can the signals tracked by the cartridge be processed in the amplifier systems. And similar to the way a wind instrumentalist determines sound generation, the methods used in the production of Breuer Dynamic tonearms yield resonance characteristics which can only be obtained by natural sound generation.

The excellent resonance characteristics of our tonearms simultaneously improves dynamic response which is apparent not only in the higher volume but also in the more intensified reproduction of subsonic tones. This system provides a natural, vibrant response. Such a synthesis is vital for tonal definition.

A number of sophisticated measures is necessary to fully exploit these possibilities.

The 120 odd individual parts - most of them aluminium - are crafted by hand. This is the only way to guarantee uniform tracking quality for each tonearm.

Apart from the natural sound generation feature, the improvement of dynamic response and tonal definition, our tonearms uniquely combine the advantages of ideal dynamic mass and total weight, play-free pre-stressed bearings, balance of inertia, geometrical equilibrium, physical attenuation, distortion-proof design and simple operability.

In the final analysis, only the overall product can be assessed as to the value of improvements and new technologies.


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