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Boston Acoustics MC-1

High Output Moving-Coil Cartridge

Boston Acoustics MC-1


The Boston MC-1 high output, moving coil phono cartridge offers the outstanding sound quality — clear, spacious, and detailed accuracy — for which moving coil designs have long been recognized.

It delivers this performance without the need for a transformer or pre-preamp step-up device.

The MC-1's high output can be connected directly to preamplifier and receiver phono inputs (slightly higher volume control settings may be required than with conventional moving magnet and induced magnet cartridges). Furthermore, its design makes impedance and capacitive loading at the preamp electronics non-critical.

The MC-1 can be used with the widest range of turntables. Its low mass and optimum compliance put cartridge/tonearm resonance in the ideal 8-12 Hertz range — higher than the record warp/feedback range and below the audible range.

With ultra low mass tonearms, weight can be added to the headshell if necessary to lower the resonance to this optimal range.

The van den Hul stylus version offers absolute state of the art performance by precisely tracing the path of the record cutter stylus. The elliptical stylus version offers outstanding performance in less demanding installations.

The MC-1's rectangular body helps in aligning the cartridge during installation. And the white scribe line down the cartridge front makes accurate record cueing easy.


Type: high output moving coil cartridge

Frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz

Channel balance: within 1dB

Channel separation: 23dB

Tracking force: 1.8g (1.5 to 2.1g)

Cantilever: thin walled, extruded aluminium alloy

Tracking angle: 20 degress

Stylus: 0.14 x 3.3 mil (VdH), 0.3 x 0.7 mil (elliptical)

Output: 2.5mV

Weight: 5g


instruction/owners manual  English - Galdino

instruction/owners manual (alt scan)  English - nickocaudieus

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