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BIC 960

Belt-Drive Programmed Turntable (1974-1975)

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bic 960 belt drive turntable
BIC 960


The tone arm of the BIC 960 is the equal of the most sophisticated available. It will track any cartridge, CD-4 included, at the lowest setting recommended by the manufacturer.

Tracking force and anti-skate controls are operated by twin tabs atop the gimbal ring. The tabs flank a single linear scale which is calibrated in 0.25 gram increments. The scale is large, easy to read, and makes precise adjustment a simple matter.

Compensation for conical or elliptical stylus is made by a separate control on the program panel, so that regardless of stylus type, tracking force and anti-skate adjustment is made using the same scale.

The cartridge shell is attached to the tone arm by a 4-prong, gold-plated, plug-connector - the most precise and trouble-free connection possible.

A scale is provided so that in mounting the cartridge, overhang can be properly set. Using this same scale and an adjustment screw set into the shell, the forward tracking angle of the cartridge stylus can be set to exactly 15°.

Cueing is viscous damped in both directions and cueing time is adjustable from 1 to 3 seconds by means of a control at the base of the gimbal mounting.

The BIC 960 is designed for the most sophisticated systems.


Type: single play, repeat, 6 record automatic

Drive method: belt drive

Motor: 24-pole AC synchronous

Drive: precision ground elastomer belt

Platter: 12" non ferrous die cast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Rumble: 65dB

Wow and flutter: 0.05%

Tonearm: tubular aluminium mounted in die-cast platform

Effective length: 216.2mm

Effective mass: 18g

Overhang: adjustable

Tracking force range: 0 to 4g

Dimensions: 14-11/16 x 17-1/16 x 7 inches

Shipping weight: 12lbs


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