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BIC 940

Multiple Play Manual Turntable (1975)

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bic 940 multi play manual turntable
BIC 940


The BIC 940 represents the culmination of many years of engineering design effort directed towards the development of a superior manual turntable equipped with automatic, multiple record playing facilities.

It's drive system utilizes a slow speed 24 pole synchronous motor, and belt drive, previously found only in fine manual turntables.

This results in significantly reduced rumble, wow and flutter since idler-pulleys are totally eliminated.

The model 940 maintains precise speed over a wide range of power line voltages, since its motor's rotational rate is determined solely by power line frequency (50 or 60Hz).

The tonearm system features minimal friction bearings, low mass and resonance, stylus force, and tonearm balancing and an isolated counterweight to maintain optimal tracking force from the first to last record played.

Another exclusive feature, a pivotable cartridge shell, permits easy cartridge installation.


Drive method: belt

Motor: 24-pole, 300rpm, AC synchronous

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Record size: 7 or 12"

Maximum number of records: 6

Cartridge: standard 1/2" mount

Cable capacitance: less than 125pF for CD4 compatibility


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bic 940 turntable

does anyone know why my arm going to the middle of the record and starts playing there?

Mine is doing the same

Mine is doing the same thing, I gather some setting is switched to 7in have you figured out how to switch to 12in yet? I'm dying over here!!

Update.. Found issue, need part

There is a little hole at the base of the tone arm. It seems to have had a dip stick of some sort that applied pressure and made tone arm stop at 12". But could move past while in play. Remove part and tone arm swings to 7". Any idea on What its called?

BIC Turntables "Technical Service Manuals"

Does anyone know where a "Technical Service Manual" can be found for any of the BIC turntables? My model is a BIC Model 981, but the same Technical Service Manual appears to apply to the entire series of models. I need it to see how to lubricate the turntable, on which the existing lubricants have dried out. This manual is referred to in the "Lubrication" section of the Owners Manuals.