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Bang and Olufsen Beogram TX2

2-Speed Turntable (1985-1991)

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with servo controlled DC motor and tangential, optimum pivot point type tonearm

Bang and Olufsen Beogram TX2


service manual  English

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  Nynorsk - Vessel56

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Bang and Olufsen Turntables

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Beogram having base feedback

My turntable was riding too low (records touching the base), read the manual, adjusted 3 screws to raise height to recommended 3 mm. Now when playing bass music loud, it goes into a base feedback loop. What did I break?
Can I fix it?

Beogram TX2 tracking calibration

How do I adjust the tonearm tracking. The arm extends past the beginning of the track by a few seconds when on automatic

Tonearm tracking

Tonearm adjustment starts on page 23 (Section 5-3) of service manual.
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Three things as "comments" :

1. These instructions, as all in a SERVICE manual assume you are a Tech. If you're just "winging" it, I STRONGLY advise you read ALL safety instructions. There are procedures that are performed with live LETHAL VOLTAGES!! If you're not a trained tech, you might consider taking it to one. It's a fairly simple, if precise, adjustment.

2. (NOT FINDING FAULT, just educating ...) You'll get a LOT more respect in Forums (not just this one ...) if you at least ATTEMPT to solve your own problem. Asking this questions was a bit lazy, you should have at least TRIED to read the manual. Forum members will go out of their way for someone needs help, but tend to ignore someone who seems not to be willing to try ... Just my 2 cents ...

3. I have a very busy schedule, and only get to the forum occasionally, so you may not get a quick answer if you ask a followup ... Not ignoring you, just not around!! {Grin}

Best of luck with your project, hope you get it nailed down!!